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Why being a Mailchimp Certified Partner & Expert is so important…

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“I’m sure he said he’d done this before!”

Struggling to understand who your customer actually is?...and what motivates them?
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TL;DR (Too long; Didn’t Read)

The long and short of this post is when you need a job done make sure you have someone up for the job, i.e they are recommend to from a trusted friend or source.

As a Mailchimp Certified Partner and Expert you’re in safe hands with me!

We’ve all been there… whether it’s for your home or for your business, you can’t do everything yourself.

Most of the time we don’t have the skills to get the job done right.

…and then there’s the question of whether we should be doing it ourselves in the first place, or whether it’s a better use of our time to “get a person in”?

Finding people we trust to handle the things we don’t want to handle is as essential a skill in business as there is.

The internet has meant we can all find people who seem to fit the bill, but in reality, how do we know if they’re any good?

To know someone is good enough, you need some type of signal of proof.

The most powerful signals of proof usually come in two main varieties… from someone we know personally (and trust), or from a trusted body.

Typically, if I want someone to help with a DIY task around the house (DIY is NOT one of my strong points), I’ll usually ask one of my neighbours if they know someone that they trust to do the job.

They know that any recommendations they give which “aren’t up to the job” will bounce back on them, so the ones I do get are usually brilliant.  I trust that their recommendation is on the money.

However, if they aren’t able to help me out, I’ll look on the internet to find someone, someone who appears to be “highly trusted” (reviews/testimonials/case studies), but who also has the necessary “certifications” and badges to know that they can do the job.

These trust signals are so important for ANY business looking to grow… so, how you are letting potential customers know you aren’t just talking the talk (and remember, anyone can throw some money at a shiny website and look good), but you also walk the walk and deliver a great solution.

We all need signals of proof… whether it’s from people we trust, vouching for them, or things like certifications and “approved” status.

Becoming a certified Mailchimp expert

Why do I mention this? Well, earlier this year I became one of the first 50 Mailchimp Partners in the world to get certified as a Mailchimp Expert.

You can only try and get certification if you are an approved Mailchimp Partner, and they don’t just let anyone in.

I became a Partner a year or so ago, and had to demonstrate (through my own and other accounts linked to my agency one) that I knew my Mailchimp beans and to showcase a couple of successful campaigns I’ve run.

Getting approved as a partner is a big step and it opens up lots of doors and support from Mailchimp – so if you’re an agency, or someone who helps others with Mailchimp, you really should consider looking into it.

…but to become a “Certified Partner” and a Mailchimp Expert requires you to go through a series of tests covering all aspects of Mailchimp, from emails and automations to social media, and e-commerce – and a final exam where the pass mark was set so that you could only get 2 questions wrong!

Being Mailchimp Certified is something of value, and Mailchimp ensures that only the people who really know the system pass.

…but being Mailchimp Certified is a fantastic signal to our customers that we know what we’re doing – that we can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.

Up for the job

So when you’re thinking about hiring someone to support your business (or just to plaster a wall at home), make sure you know they can actually do the job you want them to do.

Look for key signals of proof… and if you need someone to help with your Mailchimp… well hopefully you know where to start, (hint: you’re already in the right place!).

Robin Adams

Robin Adams

Robin Adams is a business owner who is passionate about helping businesses build effective marketing systems that work and don't waste money. Having a lifetime of Marketing experience (he's got a degree in Marketing before there were degrees in Marketing!) and having worked for big and small businesses and both client and agency side, he understands not only the theory, but the systems that are required to underpin everything.
51% marketer and 49% Chimp, Robin is the main man behind and the Mailchimp Answers Facebook Group - the world's biggest Mailchimp User Group. Connect with him on Linkedin.

Struggling to understand who your customer actually is?...and what motivates them?

Use this FREE Customer Avatar Worksheet to develop your marketing activities with a specific person in mind and ensure you know what to say and where to say it.

Download it now!

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