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Build A System That Markets Your Business Automatically?*

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“I hate seeing businesses waste their marketing…”

When I meet a business that I can see is really wasteful in their marketing I have a physical reaction… I shiver and get agitated, because I absolutely, positively, know in my heart they could (and should) be doing so much better.

Building a ‘spine’ to their marketing and knowing how to communicate and engage with customers effectively is something I’m extremely passionate about… because if you’ve got a great business, you’re doing a disservice to your potential customers if they can’t find and learn about you.

I’ve been using Mailchimp for over 10 years, and am a full time marketer for over 25 years, so I know how to ensure that Mailchimp is something that adds value to your business… and isn’t a waste of time and money.

…and that’s why I see the Kickstart Your Marketing System training course as a way of helping more businesses develop an automated, online marketing system – and improve their understanding of marketing overall – now and in the future.”

Robin Adams

Founder, Chimp Answers

So You Want an Automated Online Marketing System?

A Marketing System…

yup, heard that one before…

Been there, done that course, got the T-shirt!

I wasted a load of time and money and ended up with virtually nothing.

I know that feeling, the feeling that as a small business, it shouldn’t be that hard to create a system, know how to use email marketing and support your business.

What if I told you there was a way of building a system online… and have a true understanding of how it all fits together.

…that in under 60 days, you’d have a method of effectively capturing leads online, building relationships with those leads and ultimately generating more sales? …that would only require you to invest a couple of hours each week?

…and would be evergreen and future proof, allowing you to expand it (and know how to expand it), in the future?

…and you wouldn’t be doing it on your own… and built using a system that’s free, simple and possibly you already use (MailChimp)?

Before I go further though… let me ask a couple of questions…

Is This You?

  • Are you starting out and have no idea where to begin?
  • Are you looking to grow your side-‘hustle’ and turn it into something more than a side-‘hustle’?
  • Do you own a business that’s great at what it does… but just can’t develop a clear marketing plan?
  • You know you need a marketing system… but don’t know where to begin?
  • You’ve used Mailchimp (badly) and know there’s a better way to harness its power for your success?

If the Answer is YES to any of these questions then I’d love to extend an invitation for you to sign up to the ‘Kickstart Your Marketing System’ Training Course and change things forever.

“…start getting some real results…“

I’ve known Robin for many years and behind the enthusiastic, fun and engaging personality hides the mind of a very smart, skilful and knowledgable marketing expert.

He not only understands the bigger picture and how everything fits together, but has the skills, knowledge and technical ability to actually get sh*t done for you.

So, if you are feeling frustrated wasting your time and money on bad and ineffective marketing and want to start getting some real results from your spend, then I would suggest you think seriously about working with Robin.

Stuart Morrison

Founder, Mister Metric

Introduction To The Course

The ‘Kickstart Your Marketing System’ course (or KYMS for short), is a 6 week online mentored training course to help you develop your marketing, understand your customers and build a complete marketing system to engage with those customers.

Over the 6 weeks, through live 90 minute webinars (which are all recorded), and an interactive Private Facebook group, you’ll develop the skills to be able to market your business effectively AND build the assets that will connect together to become your automated marketing system.

Each week will cover a specific topic, and you’ll then have 7 days to complete the task for that week in anticipation of the next session – and each lessons is inter-connected so you can see your system grow as you continue along the course. 

The Weekly Topics

The Customer Avatar

Understand you’re ‘who’ and why it’s such an essential part of your marketing activity.

The Path

Every eventual customer walks a path from ignorance to advocate. Knowing their path will enhance your marketing

The Carrot

Developing a lead magnet that will entice potential customers to engage and interact with you.

The Net

You need an enticing location to capture the information you need to engage with customers on a 1-2-1 basis.


Understanding how you can automate your communication (and how to structure it) will make everyone’s lives easier.

The Future

Building an ongoing plan for communication with your audience to keep them engaged and to get them to buy.

What do you get?

The Kickstart Your Marketing System course is designed for small and medium sized businesses who are looking for a way to build an automated, online marketing system… and develop the knowledge and understanding to expand it in the future… without the hassle and stress of learning it all on their own.

The course is delivered over a 6 week period, with a weekly live webinar, as well as additional recordings.

Specifically you’ll get all of this…

  • 6 webinars, one delivered each week,  each lasting about 90 minutes focused on teaching you the specifics of an effective automated online marketing system.
  • Access to recordings of these webinars if you can’t attend live.
  • A Secret Facebook Group where you will be able to share your experiences and questions with other course members.
  • Worksheets, Slide Decks and Resources to help you on your journey.
  • Q&A Facebook Lives within the group helping you get the most from your course.
  • Additional Recordings on more technical questions, available within a membership area of the website.
  • Ongoing access to all recordings for 90 days after the course ends (and this can be extended).
  • Access to an expert who’s got over 25 years experience in all aspects of marketing.

…but that’s just the course… what your business is going to get from the course is…

  • marketing ‘plan’ focused on how your business will turn people who currently don’t know you exist into raving fans who sell your business for you.
  • A detailed insight into your best customers and how to deliver messages that really resonate with them
  • A simple ‘lead magnet’ which will encourage potential customers to engage in a conversation with your business and give you their email address (and knowledge on how to build more).
  • An online landing page where you can advertise your ‘lead magnet’ and capture their details (and knowledge on how to build more).
  • A series of automated emails which will engage and build trust with your prospects (and knowledge on how to build more).
  • plan for ongoing communication and to actually promote and sell your products and services

Plus… I’m limiting the number of people on each course… this allows me to ensure that my focus isn’t spread too thin and deliver extra value at each step.

By the end of the course, you will have developed the communication ‘spine’ for your business as well as the understanding of how to integrate other aspects into the spine in the future.

“He really know his stuff…

I started working with Robin & Chimp Answers in 2015 and since then they've proved to be an essential part of my business.  When it comes to Marketing and MailChimp he really knows his stuff and have been able to not only help us build a marketing system that has increased our revenue, but develop a foundation to our business that will support us for many years to come.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes

Clinic Director, Lucks Yard Clinic

Full Course Schedule

Week One – Getting Under the Skin

Course Content: You won’t get anywhere if you don’t know who you are speaking to… understanding Target Markets and customer avatars is key to your ongoing success
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Avatar Worksheet, Messaging Transition Worksheet
Practical Results – Completed Avatar Worksheet & Messaging Transition Worksheet
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

Week Two – Building the Foundations

Course Content: To build a system, you have to know the system. Here, you’ll learn the full system that takes people who don’t know you exist, all the way through to loving you so much, they sell your stuff.
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Customer Path Guide & Template
Practical Results – Completed Customer Path
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

Week Three – Show me the Honey

Course Content: Getting people to give you their details… how do you make it easy and more likely to happen.
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Lead Magnet Mini Guide
Practical Results – Completed Lead Magnet
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

Week Four – Getting Commitment

Course Content: Focus on landing pages and what makes a good landing page
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Landing Page Mini Guide
Practical Results – Completed Landing Page in MailChimp & MailChimp Account Structure
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

Week Five – Feeling Good

Course Content: In this session, you’ll get into writing your delivery and welcome sequences, the most important emails you’ll ever write.
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Welcome Sequence Mini Guide
Practical Results – Completed Automated Lead Magnet Delivery and Welcome Sequence in MailChimp
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

Week Six – The Long Haul

Course Content: The Final session wraps up the course and focuses on ongoing communication and turning leads into actual sales.
Resources Available – Slide Deck, Ongoing Email Mini Guide
Practical Results – Completed Ongoing Email Plan & Next Steps
Interactive Live Stream as Webinar AND Recorded for post event viewing

"…if you're looking for experts in how Mailchimp works, ChimpAnswers are the people to go to!"

I'd managed to upload my mailing list to Mailchimp and create a lead magnet PDF relevant to my business but I couldn't work out how to connect the landing page on the website to Mailchimp to receive the lead magnet automatically.

Initially, ChimpAnswers was just going to sort this out for me but the scope of the work grew to encompass my wider marketing objectives and how to engage with these new leads in order to sell more hypnotherapy sessions to them.

ChimpAnswers created an automated welcome series to maximise the customer journey and knowledge of my services and provided prompts for me to create content for the automated emails.

"This simple but valuable set up has given me the confidence and ability to duplicate the process in the future for new lead magnets."

Heather Hall

Founder, Heather Hall Hypnotherapy

Why Mailchimp?

So why are we using Mailchimp for this training?  There are a number of reasons which might be good to know if you’ve not used it before…

  1. You get the pretty much the full functionality of the system for Free – One of the great things about Mailchimp is that you can use it (and use most of it) for Free!… in fact, for many, the only reason to actually pay for Mailchimp is to get access to chat support (but that’s what the world’s biggest user group – Mailchimp Answers is all about!)
  2. It’s the #1 player worldwide in the email marketing/marketing automation arena – which means that it’s robust, has the best chance to get your emails into someone’s inbox and is continually being developed.
  3. It’s perfect for small businesses – I’ll be the first to admit that Mailchimp isn’t the most advanced tool out there… but it does what 99% of small businesses need, without the bells and whistles, and is pretty easy to pick up and use.
  4. It’s easy to integrate with other tools – which means that if there’s something else you want to do, chances are it’ll play with Mailchimp very nicely.
  5. It’s not a dumb chimp – despite the fact that most of Mailchimp is free, it doesn’t mean it’s basic.  You can segment your database and automate within the free account.
  6. I know it ‘intimately’ – There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not logged into Mailchimp for either myself or my clients… so chances are that if you’ve got an issue, I’ve probably encountered it!

The bottom line is that Mailchimp works… and works for pretty much any business that’s looking for help with building an email marketing system – and as such is the perfect tool to build a basic email marketing system with.

…and if you don’t currently use Mailchimp?

Well, this IS primarily a Mailchimp training course, and so if you’re currently using another tool, some of the content won’t be applicable… but the purpose of the course is to show how, from a blank canvas, you can create a full system in Mailchimp – so if you do want to move over to Mailchimp, this course will give you all you need to know.

“A Unique Combination of skills...”

I came to Robin as he was the go-to guy when it comes to MailChimp… little did I know that MailChimp was just the first step and his understanding of the bigger picture and the customer path was an area that he’s really been able to help with.

I achieved my first ever 5 figure month working with Robin and we’re continuing to develop my overall marketing strategy. Robin’s strategic insight coupled with the ability to get his hands dirty in systems is a unique combination of skills and ensures that those who work with him not only get an insightful overview, but practical, implementable advice.

Shirley Goodgroves

Founder, Two Birds London

You may be thinking to yourself…

In developing this training course, I’ve asked lots of people what they thought of it… and some of the questions or concerns they may have…

…and here’s a quick list of the main things that were mentioned… to put your own mind at ease.

I don’t have the time…

The whole idea of the course is that it’s not meant to be a time vampire.  Ideally you’d attend each of the ‘live sessions’, but as they’re all recorded, you can watch them at a time that works for you.

Also, the course is structured so that it’s sequential, so you aren’t trying to do too much in one go…

…and finally, the course has a natural flow built in… what you do in one session naturally flows into the next session and so it’ll build on your knowledge each week.

I can’t tell you that the course will take no time at all… the only way to grow your business is to invest in it regularly, and this course is no exception… but it’s designed to feel “light” so you don’t feel it’s too onerous.

I’m no good with technology…

Not everyone is a techno-geek-god… which is why everything in this course is created with simplicity in mind.

The sessions are designed to be easy to follow and as I’ll be doing things live you’ll see everything I do as build things up…

…and since the training is fully recorded, you can watch at your own pace, pausing and replaying things if you’re not sure.

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask me questions relating to course content.

The course is designed for you to succeed… the technology is there purely as a means to get you the right result.

This won’t work for my business, will it?

I’ll be honest, I’ve not tested every single type of business that could employ the system I teach and whether it’ll be appropriate to their marketing… so I can’t 100% GUARANTEE it.

However, it is grounded fully in sound marketing theory (I’m a marketer first and foremost) and is structurally sound.

…and so I’m 99% certain this is going to work for you, no matter your business – butcher, accountant, VA, garden centre, social media consultant… it’ll work.

Do I really have the ability to do everything in the course?

There is absolutely nothing in this course that can’t be achieved with a bit of time and effort.

I’ve been building these types of systems for several years and know that even the most conservative business owner can get things moving in the right direction.

…so no matter your level, you should be able to follow and implement things yourself.

'...saved me around £1000 per year'

I run a small vacation rentals business based in Nice, France.  Managing mutiple bookings and guests is time consuming and details can be missed.  ChimpAnswers helped me set up a series of automated emails to improve the customer experience and upsell small add-ons to their stay.

I'm now looking to reproduce the automation sequence in other languages to serve specific markets which will give an even better experience to my customers.

ChimpAnswers explain how Mailchimp works in simple layman's terms so that I can understand it for myself. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if and when I need further assistance.

Ralph Moorhouse

Owner & Founder, Paris Nice Vacations

Your Expert Guide

OK… so why should you trust me on this (and I appreciate that it’s key you do if you’re going to get the results you need!)

My name is Robin Adams, and I’m the cheeky “thumbs-aloft” guy in the picture.

Cheesy right?

I know, but I kinda like it and if you ask those who know me, the image is pretty appropriate – positive, upbeat and passionate.

I’ve been working in marketing my entire adult life (no kidding… I got a marketing degree back when there weren’t many places that actually did marketing degrees) and since then I’ve spent time in companies big and small, both agencies and corporate, developing my marketing chops (and a bit of sales too!). I’ve now racked up over 25 years experience.

Back in 2009, I started my own marketing agency, and since then have helped many small businesses get to grips with their Marketing, both from a strategy point of view but also from an actual technical implementation view.

I’m fortunate to be the perfect blend of “Marketer” and “Geek”, and as such can not just look at things from a top-level strategic point of view, but have the skills and experience to actually implement a lot of what I talk about – which is a pretty unique combo nowadays.

So what about Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is a tool I’ve used since 2009 and over the years, being a bit geeky, I’ve gotten under it’s skin to learn as much as you can about it.

In late 2015, I realised that there was an opportunity to niche down specifically into Mailchimp, offering support to businesses and individuals to help them get the more from their time.

I started running training courses as well as handling a number of clients Mailchimp accounts, and then, in spring 2016, launched Mailchimp Answers as a group on Facebook, to help others who were struggling with Mailchimp and a community of others who could support.  Since then, the group has steadily grown and now has over 9,000 members – it’s the worlds largest community of Mailchimp users! (If you are a Mailchimp user but not a member, you can check it out and join for free by clicking here). 

Mailchimp Partner Logo

My understanding and knowledge of Mailchimp continues to grow and in early 2019 I became a Mailchimp partner and am listed in the Mailchimp expert directory.  Mailchimp don’t let just anyone become a Mailchimp partner – only about 30% of applications succeed – so I was especially happy to get in!

…and I recently completed Mailchimp’s first official certification as a Mailchimp Expert!

Something else you should know about me…

One other thing you should know about me is that I’m a fully qualified Scuba Diving instructor, with nearly 1,000 dives to my name!

I qualified as an instructor in 2004, and although I’m ‘retired’ now, I’ve taught hundreds of people to dive and overcome fears like putting their head underwater.

…but what’s this got to do the Mailchimp you may be asking?

Well, it’s given me a very structured approach to teaching… and bags of patience!

Trust me when I say that once you’ve succeeded in getting someone who’s actually afraid of water to put their head under the surface and continue to breathe through their scuba equipment…

…teaching people how to use Mailchimp doesn’t seem that big of an issue!

So there you have it…

I’m genuinely passionate about helping people get the most from their marketing and it frustrates me to no-end when I see a business not taking advantage of an effective marketing strategy to help grow their business.

…and because of this, I decided that the best way to help as many people as possible was to create an easy to digest, effective and focused email marketing/Mailchimp training course – and that’s what the Kickstart Your Marketing is all about…

Quality focused content, with practical demonstrations, to help you get to grips with Mailchimp. 

"...they do what they say they're going to do in a timely and jargon free way"

We originally used Chimp Answers to replace an old email system which was costing us a lot of money.  We wanted to ensure GDPR compliance and also clean our mailing list but struggled to get the opt out/in process working properly ourselves so were happy to hand it over to the experts.

We slashed our mailing list by 90% but increased our open rates from 15-20% to 40-50% and improved our click through rate as well.

Chimp Answers are cost effective, fun to work with and their experience goes beyond the technicalities of Mailchimp and into the depths of how and why to engage with your target market.  It's saved us time and money in the long run.

Alix Reeves

Marketing Manager, Hotel Chain

IIt’s Not For Everyone

I’m a great believer that action delivers results… and that focused action delivers even better results.

…so if you want to attend the live training, watch the videos, learn a load of stuff, but not actually take action – that’s your call – but nothing will happen in your business and thus this training isn’t really for you.


if you want to get your hands dirty, learn a load of really valuable stuff, be prepared to share, be vulnerable, be held accountable by me and the others on the course… and GET THINGS DONE… then get on board… we’re waiting!!!

Robin knows his stuff on emails and marketing… he got me moving in the right direction quickly and accelerated my knowledge

Ash Taylor

Business Owner, The Implementation Coach

Where it is natural that any delegate to a Mailchimp course wants to be able to send an email, Robin's approach is far more strategic and really challenges you to think about the best approach to manage your email list, how data reaches your mailchimp list, and then moves forward as to what emails are to be sent to this list and then how to craft that mail. Such an approach goes well beyond expectations.

Andrew Nash

Owner, Sussex Promotions

What’s the Catch?

(because there’s always a catch… isn’t there?)

No catch… none at all…

I believe that to succeed, a business needs to be authentic and real – and that’s what this training is all about

The fact is, I’m not going to get rich from running this training… but I get a huge amount of pleasure when I see businesses who are struggling with their marketing, realise what they’re doing wrong and change course…

…and if a couple of them give me a bell after the course and say… hey Robin… can you do this for us… great 🙂

…but it’s about helping businesses be better at marketing and to use Mailchimp effectively… isn’t that what you want too?

So no catch… just 45 days of quality, focused content to build an email marketing system with Mailchimp and turn your marketing around


Why you need to act NOW


These courses are quite intensive for me as they require me to not only deliver videos, be almost “be on call” when course attendees encounter issues (and it’s not like I’ve not got private clients I work with as well!)

The fact that you’re viewing this page is an indication that you can start the course very soon, but the software I’m using has a strict capacity for attendees and I’ll be shutting the doors soon.

…and if you’re thinking “no worries, I’ll catch it the next time…” you might…

…but I’m not exactly sure when the next course will be – so it’s your call.

But, much more importantly, you’ll miss the chance to actually start implementing and getting results as soon as possible.

My business coach often mentions an old Chinese proverb:


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

So get off the fence… and plant your tree right now!

Do you get a Guarantee?

Most definitely.

I guarantee that if you watch all the sessions, implement what you learn in each session and build your marketing pillars, you will have a true understanding of what types of marketing work and when, and will have a system that will capture leads and help convert them into customers.

If for whatever reason, you disagree with this, then let me know within 30 days of the training day and you’ll receive a full refund from the course.


…but based on previous experience, the training is more likely to fundamentally change your business for the better.


…but based on previous experience, the training is more likely to fundamentally change your business for the better.

What do you do Next?

There’s not much else to say… you just need to decide.  Are you in or out?

Just decide on which level you want to enter at and go for it!

If you’ve got any additional questions, feel free to email me – – but I reckon you’ve got everything you need to make a decision.

I really look forward to seeing you on the training and celebrating your success as you develop your own email marketing system with Mailchimp.

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If you’ve any questions at all about this training, the content or how it works, please contact us directly –

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