Paige Slaughter

Paige Slaughter

Founder of Fruition Studio

Paige Slaughter, the founder of Fruition Studio, is a purpose-driven marketing strategist on a mission to cultivate joy and impact through heart-centered creative. Paige believes marketing is a powerful tool for positive change, and that there isn’t a place where personal growth ends, and marketing begins. Instead of just a necessity, it gets to be an extension of your purpose + a source of joy. Fruition Studio provides done-for-you marketing services, consulting, and education to help small businesses and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life.

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Session – Oct 7th, 3pm EST

Copy That: Writing Emails that Resonate

Compelling emails might be visually stunning. They may be strategically structured. For certain — they’re made of solid copy. In this session, see why effective writing is not about length or perfection, and learn actionable steps for crafting your message with clarity, confidence and impact.