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Courses to help you dominate with MailChimp

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All you need is a computer and an internet connection

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On Your

No faffing around, learn MailChimp on your schedule

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You chose when, how and what you learn

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The simplest and most cost effective way of learning MailChimp

Learn MailChimp for Business on your schedule and with your specific requirements.

Online training has developed into the most successful method for anyone to learn how to do anything. Our online training resources are focused on making sure you are as effective as you can be when you use MailChimp.

The courses are structured in an easy and meaningful manner and ensure that not only do you understand the ‘teccy’ stuff (with narrated videos to help you through) but the more general marketing background so that you are doing things the right way for your business.

The courses are available in several individual chunks, or as a full training package so you can scale and learn as you go.

Online MailChimp Training – everything you need to get your business marketing aligned and working with MailChimp.

I had registered for a Mailchimp account a year ago and done nothing with it as I didn’t know where to start and this course has given me enough knowledge to start taking my email campaigns seriously.

Theresa Charlton

Business Owner, T Associates Limited

We’re currently developing our online training resources with a view to launch them in the 2nd half of 2017. If you want to be informed when they are launched, click below.

Interested in our training?

You can either drop us a line directly or request more information to be emailed to you.  Just click a button below


If you’re interested in learning a bit more about our Online Training, here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most:

How much will it cost?

We’re finalising the details of our online training resource at the moment and when we’re ready to launch, you’ll know the details

What can I learn?

The online training resource will be an ever expanding resource of all things MailChimp – and will be relevant and specific to your needs. This won’t be a “replication” of MailChimp’s information (if it was, why would you be here!), but rather an understanding of how to apply MailChimp from a business perspective.

When will it be available?

We’re developing resources right now and hope to launch during the 4th quarter of 2017

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Want more info on Online Training?

If you’re interested in learning more about our online training, then just complete this form and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Online training not for you?

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