Kickstart your MailChimp

Tame the ‘Chimp and grow your business through email marketing

Stop wasting time watching out of date YouTube videos…

Forget missing out on building a list of fans who’ll buy again and again…

The Kickstart MailChimp Training Course is hands down

the #1 way to get to grips with MailChimp and kickstart your email marketing efforts.




Build Your List

Sell More Stuff

Grow Your Business

The Kickstart MailChimp training course is a comprehensive day

with an email marketing (& MailChimp) Expert

to get your business email marketing ready

During the course you will:

  • Learn what makes a great email and how you can ensure your emails deliver
  • Understand that it’s not technology that’s stopping you, and focus on what you need to do, without worrying about stuff that’s not necessary
  • Know the information that you must have (and the stuff you don’t need), so you can be more personal and relevant in your emails – and get better results
  • Get to grips with the rules of email marketing and why unsubscribes aren’t the end of the world

…but it’s not just about learning about email marketing… it’s about implementation too.

During the course you will be using MailChimp to

  • Design and build your first database
  • Add people to your database either directly or through online forms
  • Plan an email campaign
  • Design your emails for success
  • …and potentially send a campaign to your list

 A comprehensive day to get your email marketing working

Is this workshop for you?

This course is ideal if you are one of the following:

  • If you’ve never tried email marketing and want to understand how it can help your business.
  • You’ve had a go at email marketing but it didn’t seem to work.
  • If you have dabbled with MailChimp but want to know how to set it up correctly.
  • If you want to know the best way to set up MailChimp for your future campaigns

The training was great, I'm so glad I booked, while it seems simple enough to set-up there are so many features that aren't obvious that Robin has opened my eyes too. Very excited with the potential!!

Andrew Nash

Managing Director, Sussex Promotions

We guarantee that following this course, you’ll have all you need to get moving in the right direction with email marketing

Interested in our training?

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Robin taught me how to use MailChimp in an excellent training day yesterday. His approach is very relaxed and friendly and he shows tremendous amounts of patience to ensure the group fully understands the content. Having no knowledge of MailChimp before the session, I have come away fully confident that I can now use it! This is all down to Robin's excellent training! Thank you!

Jennifer Abdou

Partner, Mojen Projects

Your instructor for the day

Robin Adams

Robin Adams

The Chimp Champ

The instructor for this course is Robin Adams, a career marketer who has worked at the sharp end of both massive global companies and small independent traders. With over 20 years marketing experience and an MBA, his unique combination of technical adeptness and marketing know-how ensures you get not only the skills but the bigger picture of how it all fits together.

Over the last 5 years, Robin has become very intimate with the MailChimp software and knows the best way to get the most from this accessible yet powerful system.

In fact – unlike many trainers out there.. ROBIN ONLY USES MAILCHIMP for his email marketing – which ensures his knowledge and skills are always cutting edge. Of course, this means all the courses are up to date and relevant with the latest developments.

He’s also run courses for Entrepreneurs Circle and Southern Entrepreneurs on MailChimp… so he knows his stuff!

You’ll leave with not only an understanding of how to use the system the right way, but with the tricks and shortcuts that will make your email marketing much more efficient and effective.

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Course Details – Kickstart MailChimp

Kickstart Training Course FAQs
Want some more details, here’s the information you’re looking for…

How long is the course?
The course is a full day course, kicking off at 9am and finishing around 5pm.  It is fully catered for with refreshments throughout the day and a 30/45 minute lunch break.

Where is the course located?
All our locations are of a very high standard so that you ensure that you have the best environment and atmosphere for learning.

How much does it cost & What do I get?
The standard price for attending the full day course is £199 (no VAT) and this includes, lunch, tea/coffee and you will also get a full copy of the presentation in USB stick to refer to afterwards.

How many other attendees will there be?
We limit the number of attendees of any Kickstart Course to a maximum of 10.  Any more and candidates would not get the focus that they deserve on their own issues.

What do I need to bring?
As the course is a “practical” course, having access to and bringing a laptop is essential to get the most from it. If you do not have access to one, we are able to source laptops to use on the course at a small additional cost. iPads & tablets are not suitable for the training (and we’ve tried using them so we know they don’t work!)

Are there any pre-qualifications?
As this is a basic course, attendees do not need to have experience of MailChimp prior to the course, but having some familiarity with the system will help.  If you want to send an actual campaign on the day, you will need a list of emails in excel that are happy to receive emails from you, a logo you can use in your emails… and an idea of what you want to say!!!

How do I book?
If you’re interested, Click Here to book a spot.

Once you’ve booked on to  the course, you’ll receive full joining instructions and anything else you need to know prior to the day (sent out via MailChimp of course!)

What's the Course Itinerary?

Course Agenda

9.00am Arrive & Coffee
9.30am Introduction
9.45am The Basics of Email Marketing In this section, you’ll learn about email marketing, what it is (and what it’s not), as well as all about MailChimp, and why the system you use isn’t as important as the reason you’re using it.
10.30am Setting up your Database The database is your friend in MailChimp, learn how to set it up the right way.
11.15am Adding People to your Database You can’t do much with MailChimp until you’ve got a list of people to send emails to. You’ll learn the two ways you can add people to MailChimp.
12.00pm Forms If you can get others to add themselves to the database, your life becomes much easier. In this part of the course you’ll learn about forms and how they can improve your life hugely!
12.30pm Lunch
1.00pm What makes a good email You’ll learn about the principles of successful email marketing here, and why design isn’t as important as you think it is.
1.30pm Creating your first campaign You’ll learn how to set up your MailChimp emails in this section, covering things like design, how to know who to send it to and all the other important elements of MailChimp email design.
3.30pm Being a Bad Emailer and how to avoid it Nobody likes a spammer… so you’ll learn how to ensure you avoid being bad when it comes to email and what to do about unsubscribes.
4.00pm Questions
4.30pm End

Robin’s Kickstart MailChimp course was exactly what I needed – while it was very hands on and enabled me to get my MailChimp account set up properly and send an e-mail, he also explained the importance of the bigger picture of marketing and where e-mail marketing fits into that, what MailChimp can and can’t do and what the terminology means. This has been hugely helpful in making the process easy to understand and helping get straight to all the useful, need to know stuff, rather than me spending hours trying to work it out and not getting very far. A great investment in time and money, thank you.

Judith Massey

Owner, The People House HR

Kickstart MailChimp – the only way to get moving with email marketing & MailChimp

Robin is very personable and as he does not rattle through the training and is clear in his messages, there is little danger of leaving you confused!

Melinda McDougall

Owner, Purple Swan Limited