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Cost effective workshops for all levels

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Learn from your course instructor AND other attendees

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Set price courses covering the essentials you need

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Someone who not only knows MailChimp, but uses it all the time.

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Basic and advanced techniques to get the most from MailChimp

There’s not much that can beat being at a live classroom training event.

The benefits of sharing the experience with other students, asking questions, and listening to how others use the system – plus its very cost effective.MailChimp Training - Live Group

Our live training events are held in convenient locations around the UK when required.

Both half and full day sessions are fully catered for and lead by an expert MailChimp trainer.

Your coach for the event will take you through the course in a structured and easy going manner, ensuring everyone is up to speed and understands the concepts discussed.

Many full day events will work even better if you bring a laptop along, ensuring that you are not just collecting information in a notebook never to be seen again, but are actually able to implement on the day and get immediate value for your time.

Robin is a man of his word. He promised an in depth hands on course and he delivered. Packed full of actionable detail its just the thing if you want to run automated campaigns using Mailchimp.

John Orr

Owner, Costume Hire Direct

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Robin delivered an amazing course on how to use Mailchimp Effectively. I attended expecting to hear things I already knew. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. Robin was extremely well prepared for the session and has a great rapport with the group. He got right into the important things that i and I'm sure many others missed when setting up their accounts. He was more than happy to divert from the course content to ensure that he answered any questions that were thrown at him. I am hoping to implement as much as possible that I have learnt from him. I just wish I could listen to his wisdom every day. I would definitely recommend that if you have the opportunity to listen to Robin, you should grab it with both hands.

Damian McGill

Partner, Pauley Business Services

Our Workshops

If you’re just looking for a basic half day introduction to MailChimp…

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Intro to  MailChimp

A half day course giving you the basics and an overall understanding of MailChimp
  • If you’re just starting out with MailChimp, or haven’t even decided if it’s the email marketing tool for your business then this course is for you.
  • We’ll cover some of the fundamentals of successful email marketing as well as a tour of the key aspects of MailChimp and how you can implement them for your business.
  • You’ll leave the course with a better understanding of how MailChimp fits within your business and some tips and advice on how to implement it successfully
  • Due to the length of the session, direct implementation is not feasible, but you’ll leave with a checklist of things you need to consider when you start.

If you want a day to build a solid foundation on MailChimp & Email Marketing…

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Kickstart MailChimp

The ultimate 1 day course to learning about and optimising MailChimp for your email marketing activity
  • If you’re struggling getting to grips with MailChimp, or just want to know how to use it send marketing communications, this is the perfect place to start.
  • Bring your laptop and spend a day learning everything you need to ‘Kickstart’ your email marketing activity.
  • The course covers, the basics of email marketing, how and when to use MailChimp, how to set up databases correctly, capturing data and adding it to the system and constructing a campaign, with email design guides
  • Course designed for those who’ve never done any email marketing before, or have had ‘a play’ with MailChimp but not really understood how it works

If you’re ready to really get more from MailChimp and get to the next level…

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Supercharge Your MailChimp

Want to know how to build an automated marketing system that runs on autopilot with MailChimp?
  • This course combines both Marketing and MailChimp understanding and shows you what MailChimp can really do for your business.
  • Covering important aspects such as how to structure your database the right way, the power of forms, automation and advanced email design aspects – this course will build on your understanding and really push you to the next level.
  • Bring your laptop and spend a day learning everything you need to ‘Supercharge’ your email marketing activity.
  • Course ideal for those who currently send ‘ad-hoc’ emails and campaigns and who want to benefit from automated email marketing,

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