Build a system on Mailchimp

Every business should have an email marketing system to handle the ‘heavy lifting’ when it comes to their business.  Automating the capture and communication to prospects and customers saves time, money and improves your sales.

We build systems using Mailchimp – combining Marketing expertise and Mailchimp know-how to deliver systems that don’t just work, but are business generating machines that work for you automatically – saving you time and making you money

Building an email marketing system on Mailchimp?

Building a New System

“I need a completely new system on Mailchimp”

No email marketing system?… Let us build one for you.

Rebuilding an existing system

“I need my existing system rebuilt”

Existing email marketing system struggling to perform, we can rebuild it

Moving to Mailchimp

“I need my system moved to Mailchimp”

Want to move your current system to Mailchimp? We can help

Optimising Mailchimp

“Can you run my existing Mailchimp work better?”

Want your existing system to run smoothly and effectively… we’re here

We are Certified by Mailchimp

Chimp Answers were one of the first 10 Mailchimp Partners to be achieve Pro status with Mailchimp and have achieved all available Mailchimp certifications.

This means you can trust that when it comes to Mailchimp, we know our bananas and can ensure that you are doing Mailchimp the right way something we’re passionate about.

Combined with over 25 years experience in all aspects of Marketing, you not only get the right way to do Mailchimp, but also the understanding of how it fits with all your other marketing activity.

Trust us when we say “we speak fluent Mailchimp”.

Why Choose Chimp Answers?


We're Approved Mailchimp Pro Partners, so you can be assured we know our stuff



This is not about vanity, this is about results. Our projects deliver every time


We've glowing reviews and feedback from all of our clients on their experience.

Book A Discovery Call Today

If you are thinking about using Mailchimp and you want to have a chat with us about how we could do this, then why not book a discovery call with us to see how we can help you.

Just pick a date and time and we can spend 30 minutes discussing your challenges and how we can help.

Not based in the UK? read this…

Chimp Answers are based in the United Kingdom, but we help Mailchimp users all around the world. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, please make sure you adjust the time zone setting to your own time zone before making the appointment. This ensures the appointment is valid and we can get straight into things…

Any Questions?

We’ve tried to cover every base regarding Mailchimp systems, but if we’ve missed something or you want to know a bit more before taking the next step, why not drop us a line by using this form.