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Get someone who knows what they're doing to get your Mailchimp account right

Starting from Scratch?

No account? No problem! Build from scratch… the right way

Reviving a Dead Account?

Get rid of the dead weight and re-energise your database

Ongoing Support Required?

Stop wasting time on stuff someone else can do better than you (and quicker)

System Development?

Build a complete system and have your marketing on autopilot!

Mailchimp is easy to begin with, but then…

One the great things about Mailchimp is that it’s actually an easy system to get started with.

It’s designed to be something that pretty much anyone can pick up and run with… and this has prompted its massive growth since appearing on the scene in the early 2000’s.

But, just because it’s easy to start, doesn’t mean it’s easy to take things to the next level… and in most cases, businesses barely scratch the surface of it’s potential.

Mailchimp is a pretty powerful marketing tool when used correctly (and continues to add new strings to its bow regularly)… if only businesses would see that potential.

Getting Lost in the Jungle…

Because Mailchimp is so easy to get started with, the hidden potential that’s beneath the cheeky chimp image is often never discovered… and it takes an expert to really know how to tame the chimp and get it to work for you (and not against you).

Without a guide that knows where to go, businesses who look to go deeper (or those that try to), spend many hours, trying to unlock the opportunity Mailchimp gives, and yet many can still end up no closer to their goal (and in some cases even further away!).

If you are keen to understand Mailchimp in further depth, or even looking to add it to your range of offerings, then in-depth Mailchimp training is available.

…but if you just want someone to tame your chimp, finding a Mailchimp expert is the best route forward – and one that really knows their stuff.

You don’t have to do it yourself…

Unlike many other businesses out there, Chimp Answers are 100% pure undiluted Mailchimp specialists.

We don’t use any other tool when it comes to email and have spent 10 years working with the system and helping businesses like you squeeze every last drop of benefit from it.

Because we know how to do things, we don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter or doesn’t work, and can focus on helping you realise the true potential of your database (or help you build one from scratch).

Leaving you to concentrate on the stuff you should be concentrating on – running your business.

Unlock the Potential

No matter the challenge, we’ve the skills to make the most of your Mailchimp.

  • Setting up your account the right way (to prevent pain down the track)
  • Building automations and workflows to save you time and money
  • Building complete capture and convert systems using Landing Pages and nurture sequences
  • Reactivating a dead account that’s been dormant for too long
  • Cleansing a “dirty” account that’s got lots of dead weight.

These are just some of the activities we can help with (check out more in-depth insight here).

…and along with the Mailchimp expertise, we’re not just email geeks!

Planning and Structuring your chimp is Robin Adams, a marketer with over 25 years experience helping businesses grow through effective marketing activity.

With an actual marketing degree (back when there weren’t that many places to get one) and an MBA, Robin has the experience and background to see the bigger picture and how everything can fit together.

…but unlike other strategic marketers, who live with their head in the clouds, Robin is more than happy to get his hands dirty and relishes the fact that he’s “51% marketer, 49% geek“. In fact, he’s pretty much done most things marketing in his career, of which Mailchimp is a big part.

…and in 2016 he launched the Facebook Group – Mailchimp Answers – which is now the biggest community of Mailchimp users in the world.

What Happens Next?

If you want to get your Mailchimp sorted (and not waste time and energy trying to do it yourself, then a FREE introductory 30 minute chat is the best step forward.

Stop wasting time (& money) and start increasing turnover

Time and money are a limited resource in every business… and the successful ones know what to allocate and to where.

Using Chimp Answers to support your marketing efforts will ensure that you stop wasting time on learning stuff that someone else knows, and can reallocate that time (and money) to things that matter and need your 100% focus.

Whether it’s simply managing your existing Mailchimp account, building a new one from scratch, reviving and cleaning a tired list or helping you build a complete automated email marketing system, we’ve seen and done it all.

…and everything we do is with a marketers eye for opportunity and growth – so it’s not just ticking boxes, it’s adding value to your overall activity.

Let us help ensure that Mailchimp isn’t a cost to your business… but is an opportunity.

Challenge Us!

If you want someone to help you with your Mailchimp account, whether it’s setting it up, reviving it or just keeping it ticking over, don’t be shy.

We started working with Robin to understand whether we could build a complete Marketing System combining MailChimp and our existing CRM system.  As a car retailer, effective and prompt communication is essential, and understanding where people are in the buying process is very important in the messages we send out.  Robin’s understanding and knowledge of MailChimp was essential in knowing what could be achieved with the systems, which is much more than we originally thought possible, and his marketing knowledge helped us develop a very clear and effective marketing system.  Our first marketing emails went out and generated the sale of 2 cars, which is a massive payback on the investment and proof that the system works.  If you’re not sure about whether MailChimp can deliver for your business, have a chat with Robin, we did and it’s paid off brilliantly.

Emma Crosby

Marketing Manager, Creation Flooring

Let Us Help You

Mailchimp needs to work for your business. Let us ensure it does and give you time to concentrate on the stuff you should be focusing on.

"…if you're looking for experts in how Mailchimp works, ChimpAnswers are the people to go to!"

I'd managed to upload my mailing list to Mailchimp and create a lead magnet PDF relevant to my business but I couldn't work out how to connect the landing page on the website to Mailchimp to receive the lead magnet automatically.

Initially, ChimpAnswers was just going to sort this out for me but the scope of the work grew to encompass my wider marketing objectives and how to engage with these new leads in order to sell more hypnotherapy sessions to them.

ChimpAnswers created an automated welcome series to maximise the customer journey and knowledge of my services and provided prompts for me to create content for the automated emails.

"This simple but valuable set up has given me the confidence and ability to duplicate the process in the future for new lead magnets."

Heather Hall

Founder, Heather Hall Hypnotherapy

The types of Mailchimp project we can handle for you

With over 10 years of experience in working with Mailchimp and handling a wide variety of different types of business. Here are just some examples of the work we could be doing for you… 

Starting A Mailchimp Account From Scratch

We’ve helped create over 100 different Mailchimp accounts and know exactly how to get things right, from account structure to database design. We’ll also help building email templates (and ones for landing pages if they are in the scope) and help guide you in managing the account once it’s set up.

Setting up your Mailchimp account the right way from the start means you’ve the foundation to grow effectively in the future, without the need for costly ‘re-engineering’ down the track – something we see (and have to solve) all the time. 

Reactivitating Dead Accounts

It’s the same old story.  Business starts, gets all enthusiastic about Mailchimp and building a database… and then after a while decides to focus on other stuff… and the database goes cold… and eventually dies.

…and then they realise what an asset it is… and wonder if it’s too late to revive their list?

Reviving dead lists in Mailchimp is a tricky business, especially if you’ve not communicated with them for a long time, but if handled in a pragmatic and ethical manner, and given the right focus, most lists can be recovered in some manner and start adding value again (plus can be integrated with new activities to grow the audience further).

We’ve brought back many databases “from the dead” and helped them become a true business asset, and done it in a completely ethical manner, without undermining the businesses reputation both in the real world, but also within Mailchimp.

Audience Cleansing

Just because you’ve got a database, doesn’t mean it’s any good… and any good email marketer knows that a clean database is a happy database.

We work with existing Mailchimp users to ‘clean up their chimp’ and get rid of the deadweight that undermines campaign success… without damaging their reputation as an emailer.

Email deliverability is massively important and a ‘dirty’ list with limited engagement will cause it to drop. Cleaning things up regularly will give you the best chance to get your email into an inbox.

Merging Audiences & Tidying up Accounts

Mo Audiences, Mo Problems.

It’s a mantra around these parts. The more audiences you have, the more problems you’re going to have (don’t believe us?… check out this article which explains it all)… but the thing is that there are lots of pitfalls and problems when it comes to tidying up an ‘unruly’ chimp.

Because we know Mailchimp inside out, we know all the potential traps of merging audiences together and now exactly how to avoid them.

Tidying up an unruly Mailchimp account the wrong way could spell disaster… doing it the right way could save you money and time AND ensure you’re set up for success in the future. 

Ongoing Email Management

Hands up if you like writing emails.


We understand that sometimes writing and sending an email in Mailchimp can be challenging – whether it’s getting the right format (and the right template), ensuring it looks good in all media and has all the right links.

That’s why we help you get your emails out at the right time to the right people (and can give insights into how best to structure and design them for maximum effect and impact)


Complete System Development

There’s more to Mailchimp than email… and as time progresses Mailchimp is continually adding new elements and items to the system.

Because we’re Marketing & Mailchimp combined, we know all the bits, whether it’s setting up landing pages, designing websites (yes, you can do that now in Mailchimp), building automated email flows (which happen on autopilot) and ensuring that they all fit together nicely AND are future proof allowing the system to grow along with your business.

Having a complete automated email marketing system will save you time (as all the emails are automated!) but also make your business more responsive AND effective – and it will have a big impact on your bottom line. 

Still Not Sure? Why not ask!

If you’re still reading this, then chances are you are not sure whether we can help you.

Apart from divine inspiration, the only way to get that question answered is to give us a call.

So click the button below and let’s see what could happen… We promise we’re nice and won’t bite!

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