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Focused Account Review Consultancy (FARC)

Sometimes, you just want to know what’s going on in your Mailchimp Account and get some ideas for how you might be able to take the next step in your email marketing.  That’s where the Focused Account Review Consultancy comes in (we call it a FARC… mainly because it’s much easier to say!)

The FARC is ideal for organisations who believe there is huge potential locked away in their Mailchimp Account, but they can’t or don’t know how to unlock it – but aren’t quite ready to jump into a full planning & implementation process quite yet.

Is a FARC right for you?

You may be wondering if a FARC is the right first step in taking Mailchimp & email marketing to the next level in your organisation.  Here’s who we’d recommend seriously consider it.


You’ve got a large subscriber base but haven’t tapped into it yet


You want to use Mailchimp but it’s so messy you get lost in the data


You’ve an e-commerce store but haven’t made the most of the data

The first step to email marketing nirvana

Unlocking the potential of your Mailchimp database can seem to be an impossible task, and you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and commit to a full project – so the FARC is the first step on the journey to getting your Mailchimp Account working for (and not against) you.

The FARC is an ideal first step and will, in a short, punchy session give you an insight into what’s going on in your Mailchimp Account, delivered by a certified Mailchimp Expert, along with time put aside on what you could do with the account.

A FARC costs $395 which is payable prior to booking the session – and here’s how they work:

  • Once you confirm and pay for your FARC, we send over an NDA to ensure that your data is fully protected during our work.
  • Once that’s sorted, we request access to your Account via Mailchimp’s agency tool, which means you don’t need to share ids or passwords with us (and you can revoke access at any time as the account holder).
  • We then spend a bit of time reviewing your account so we’re fully prepped for the consultancy session.
  • We then sit down with you (virtually) for up to an hour to review what we’ve discovered about your account and give some advice on how to unlock the potential.
  • The call is recorded and sent over after the session so you can review the information or share it with other stakeholders in your business.

Once completed, you can either take the knowledge and use it internally to develop things yourself, or take the next step with us and proceed to a full planning & strategy session which will be used to create an implementation Blueprint to take things to the next level.

If you want to take the first step in understanding how to unlock the huge potential that you know exists in your Mailchimp Account, then a Focused Account Review Session is the best way to proceed.


How much does it cost?

A FARC costs $395, and includes a recorded copy of the full session. Should you decide to proceed to a full Account Review & Planning Project, we’ll take into account the FARC when pricing this up.

Is our data safe?

We only proceed with the consultancy if you’ve signed an Non-Disclosure Agreement we send to you – ensuring you’re data is safe with us.

How do you get account access?

We use Mailchimp’s ability to allow agencies to access your account separately, so you don’t need to share access details, ids and passwords with us

Who can attend the session?

The FARC is conducted virtually, so you can have several people on the call – but we’d recommend you don’t have too many as to ensure the information is easy to manage. The call is also recorded so you can share this with other stakeholders separately.

Can we ask questions?

The whole purpose of the session is to get you an insight into your account and how to unlock the potential – so questions aren’t just welcome, they’re actively encouraged!

What happens after the session?

Obviously you’ll receive the copy of the recording, and then you can decide what your next step is – the options will be fully laid out to you in the follow up. However, it’s likely that the next steps will be discussed in the session itself.

Don’t book a FARC if this is you…

The last thing we want to do is to waste your time on a service which is not appropriate for where you currently are.

So, if you’ve got a really new Mailchimp Account, you’ve a relatively small database or don’t want a full in-depth discussion about your Mailchimp set up and future opportunities, then maybe the FARC isn’t the right option for you.

There are a couple of alternative solutions you could consider which might fit your needs better.

Mailchimp Account Review Video

A “MARV” is a pre-recorded video where we capture our screen as we go through your Mailchimp Account, identifying all the ways you could improve things and comparing what you’re doing against what we know is best practice with Mailchimp.

It’s ideal for people who’ve been using Mailchimp for a bit of time but have got stuck and don’t know how to improve things, and people who want to improve their Mailchimp Account themselves, but don’t know where to start.

Ad-hoc 121 Training & Consultancy

If you just need someone to talk through some specific Mailchimp issues you’re having, want some ad-hoc tips & advice or a focused in-depth session on how to get more from your email marketing then a 121 session might be the right choice for you.

A 121 is best if you’ve got specific questions you need answering about your Mailchimp Account or email marketing in general, or if you need someone to hold your hand as you develop your Mailchimp understanding.

Book your Focused Account Review Consultancy

Your Mailchimp Account has unlimited potential – the best first step in unlocking that potential is a Focused Account Review Consultancy (FARC).

Getting a Certified Mailchimp Expert to review your account, give you insights and best practices on how to organise and enhance your Mailchimp and discuss with you how to unlock the potential is key to developing your email marketing.

Place your order today and take your first step to unlocking your Mailchimp potential.

Focused Account Review Consultation

A focused review and discussion about your Mailchimp Set Up

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