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Why does MailChimp force me to opt in twice?

Forms are fantastic…

So why does MailChimp make it so complicated?

You know the power of forms on your website.  They let you capture people’s information automatically – and send them information without having to lift a finger.

So why does MailChimp make the process so complicated?

Why do you need to have a confirmation process where someone has to click an email to confirm their email is correct?

…surely this is something you can get around?

The Chimp Answers guide to MailChimp’s opt in process is a complete insight into getting people to opt in.

…and understanding how to work with (and around) MailChimp’s set up.

When forms work they are a thing of beauty… and in our view, are essential to a successful and slick business.

So don’t be put off, grab the guide and learn how to tame the chimp and dominate with your web forms.

Download your in depth guide to MailChimp’s opt-in process

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Use this plug and play guide to understand how MailChimp’s opt-in process works when you use their web forms and why it does what it does!

  • Why MailChimp doesn’t want just any email in your database
  • How you get around the double opt in to make your list building slicker
  • What you need to do to protect yourself if you switch off the double opt in

The one stop guide for all MailChimp users on getting past the bouncer and into the VIP suite – your recipients inbox

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