Thanks for your Attendance

We really appreciate you coming along to the Mailchimp Foundations Session

Many thanks for taking the time to come along to the Mailchimp Foundations Course that we recently ran.

We really hope that you found the session useful and it gave you some direction with regards to how to do Mailchimp the right way.

Even though the course is free… that doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on the content (it’s a key part of the Mailchimp Kickstart Course) and we hope you agree.

…and we’d love to hear back from you on the course so we can understand how to make it even better…. if you could complete the short feedback form it would be really handy.

We look forward to seeing you on future courses we run.

Robin Adams (Head Chimp) and everyone at Chimp Answers

Let us know what you thought…

  • Can you please give some feedback on the training? This is to help us to improve for future sessions, so anything you want to say which could make it better would be great!
  • Not that we expect it, but if you'd be ok leaving a testimonial for the training we can use to market future training it would be great!!!
  • If you were able to give us a testimonial, it's really handy if we can use your name, business name and role - that way people know it's a real one)

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