Hello... is it you I'm looking for?

Can you help me with growing Chimp Answers on Social

by | Oct 30, 2018

I (possibly) need you… or someone like you…

Hey there, you’re probably here because you’re a member of the MailChimp Answers community on Facebook…

(… what, you’re not?… then we can sort that one immediately… just click here!)

or because someone suggested this page might be for you!

Anyways, nearly 30 months ago, I launched the Group and it’s now by far the biggest MailChimp support group out there… but it’s not even scratched it’s potential…

…and that’s why I’m looking for some help.

Are you a Social Media Wiz?

I need a VA/PA who can help me manage the group, as well as work to grow the group, both within Facebook, but also through other social media channels.

You don’t have to know MailChimp, although I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be an advantage… but you do need to know your stuff.

Here’s some of the specific tasks I will need help with in the short run.

  • In Facebook
    • Manage and approve new group members
    • Send out welcome messages on a weekly basis to all new members
    • Develop and manage “engagement” conversations within the group to generate discussion and interest of best practices
    • Suggest group membership in other related groups where there are MailChimp enquiries.
    • Help promote blog and other posts that I’ve created within the Group and other channels.
    • Help and advise on specific questions in the group where appropriate
    • Manage communications to/from the Chimp Answers Facebook Page
    • Other stuff… as/when required
  • On Instagram
    • Do something … and suggest what should be done as I’ve done nothing there so far!
  • In Twitter
    • Do something … and suggest what should be done as I’ve done nothing there so far!

…and once I get my ducks in a row, help out on my activity on YouTube and LinkedIn (both which I’m developing a strategy for)

Over time, if you’ve got a particular set of skills, then there is opportunity to support me on client work, whether it be in lead generation or lead management.

What I need… ideally

Initially, we’re probably looking at about 6 hours a month, but depending on your skills, enthusiasm and idea generating ability, this could easily grow – if you’re good, there’s ample opportunity to help me out with more stuff!

You’d need to be UK based, and close to SW London would be an advantage (I always prefer meeting face to face when possible)

You’d need to be familiar with Trello and Slack as these are the tools I use to manage workload/time etc.

Although not something to do initially, knowledge of WordPress and forms etc. wouldn’t hurt!

…and you need a decent sense of humour and to be fun to work with…

What I don’t want…

I’m not looking for a marketing guru (I’m supposed to be doing that!), but having ideas and ways of growing things is something I’m not going to ignore if they are good!

Sound Like You?

So, if that sounds like you and you want to be more involved, then just use the form below to answer a few simple questions and if you tick the boxes I’ll be in touch to have a chat…

The form just makes it easy for me to get the info… hopefully it’s not too long!

…and if it’s not you, feel free to get someone who it might be more appropriate who could help.

Thanks 🙂

  • Don't go overboard, but if you know coding (a bit) or MailChimp or other stuff... let me know
  • If you've got other people you've done (or are doing) similar stuff for, let me know here... links are good too!
  • This is the bit where you can let me know pricing/costs etc. and anything else I need to know about how you operate
  • If you've got questions for me, or other stuff you haven't put elsewhere... this box is your chance to get it out!