Marketing & Sales Assistant

Part Time (15-20 hours per week) | £20k-£25k (pro rata) | Home based but within easy reach of Epsom, Surrey.

In a nutshell…

Help grow Chimp Answers through supporting the sales process, liaising with existing clients, developing marketing content and supporting with ongoing client work.

2021 was a great year for Chimp Answers, but 2022 is going to be even better (and bigger)… so we need a bit of help!

Chimp Answers started life in late 2015 as an idea and developed into a full business on 28th February 2016, with a laser focus on helping businesses big and small get more from Mailchimp and email marketing, through support, training and implementation.

After a few years of slow and steady growth, 2021 was when things really started to motor, as Mailchimp users worldwide looked for ways of improving how they were using the platform – and we were top of their list!

…and so it’s time to expand and start looking for a new ‘chimp’ who can support the growth and fuel us for future expansion in 2022.

Interested?… then here’s ‘the skinny’ on the role and what we’re looking for in our new ‘chimp’.

The Key Things You Need to Know…

OK, before we get into the meat of the role, there’s a few things that you need to know to see if you’re right for the job… (HR people call them “candidate requirements“, but we’re not going to be that stuffy).

  • The role is part time and initially expected to be about 15-20 hours a week (and how these hours are worked is relatively flexible). If you’re looking for a full time role or just a few hours a week, this isn’t for you.
  • Although you’ll be working from home, you’ll regularly need to meet up in person with the owner and so you need to be based close to Epsom – (North Surrey or South West London).
  • We’re a small business with big plans (emphasis on small), so you need to be comfortable working without the corporate “safety net” – small means we can move fast and make decisions quickly, but also means you need to be resourceful, extremely flexible and have some initiative. You’ll definitely be getting your hands dirty, and probably doing stuff that we’ve not even thought of yet!
  • You’ll be dealing with clients from around the world, so the ability to engage and converse over video and email (the primary communication channels) is a must. If you’re not comfortable with this, then this role is probably not for you.
  • …and it’s not just clients that will require clear communication. You’ll get involved in many of the marketing aspects of the business, so being able to turn your hand to writing emails, blogs and being able to knock up basic imagery (using tools like Canva) is a big plus point.
  • Finally, having some familiarity with email marketing will put you ahead of the pack – the business is 100% focused on Mailchimp – so experience in using the tool, or a related email marketing tool would be great to have.

Still here? Fantastic… So let’s get into the nitty-gritty about the role, the likely tasks involved and the type of person we’re looking for.

What you’ll (mostly) be doing

Sales Admin

  • Screening and management of new business opportunities using specific software
  • Diary management
  • Following up leads
  • Information collection
  • Ongoing communication (video, audio, email) with potential customers
  • Documenting and updating sales admin procedures

Project Delivery

  • Ongoing client liaison to ensure timely delivery of implementation projects
  • Reviewing and editing marketing content provided by clients
  • Delivery of client marketing projects within agreed timeframes using appropriate marketing software
  • Creating and recording training materials for clients


  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies and tactics to support business growth
  • Writing, editing and reviewing marketing copy, including emails, advertising and blogs
  • Producing audio/video marketing material to support business growth


  • Problem solving on day-to-day issues
  • Frequent offsite meetings with the business owner in the local area
  • Performing any other appropriate ad hoc duties as may be requested.

Longer-term, as you grow and develop within the role, there is scope for you to take on additional duties, including visiting clients for meetings, according to your particular strengths and preferences.

The salary range will be the pro-rata equivalent of £20k – £25k per annum, depending on the number of hours you work per week, and your existing skills and experience.

The Person/Chimp we’re looking for…

We’ve already identified the specifics that we’re looking for, but here’s a bit more meat on the bone for you to chew on regarding the type of person we think would excel.

We’re not looking for extensive marketing qualifications (not saying they wouldn’t help!), but having some marketing knowledge is definitely a plus point.

…and although knowing Mailchimp would be real handy, it’s not essential (considering we train businesses in Mailchimp, we’d like to think we can train you).

Other than that… and the usual “right attitude/aptitudes” here’s the key bits were looking for in our next “Chimp Champ”:

  • The ability to write marketing/sales copy to a good standard.
  • A familiarity with, and confidence using, SAAS (software as a service) tools such as email marketing, CRM tools and social media – existing knowledge of MailChimp or similar software would be a bonus, but is not essential.
  • The ability to show initiative, and a willingness to learn.
  • Client relationship skills and orientation.

Otherwise, here’s a few more broader characteristics we’d love you to be able to demonstrate.

  • Proficiency with IT including MsOffice (or similar) and the ability to adopt and learn new software programs
    • kinda hard to do this job if you’re not comfortable with a computer…
  • A high degree of flexibility in order to handle a wide and diverse task load, and deal with change, growth and pressure
    • like we said earlier, we’re small, so you need to be a bit flexible… actually probably more than “a bit”…
  • A high degree of accuracy, good numerical skills and attention to detail
    • sending an email to the wrong people isn’t a great look!!
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to develop relationships at all levels
    • One minute you’ll be dealing with a web designer in Germany, the next it could be a business owner in San Francisco
  • The ability to work both on your own and as part of a team
    • As the role is primarily home based – working on your own is key… but there are others to help you too
  • The ability to meet deadlines consistently
    • Clients pay the bills so we can’t let them down…
  • A positive, ‘can do’ and ‘all hands-on deck’ attitude
    • Did we mention this enough?… let’s put it this way, you’re not going to be bored
  • Experience of working in/with micro businesses would be helpful
    • Ain’t no safety nets or parachutes here… 

Hopefully these fit what you’re looking for!

What Happens Next?

Has this tickled your fancy? Think you’re the chimp we’re looking for? Well let’s get together and find out?

Drop us a line with your CV and any relevant information that you feel is relevant – – and make sure you title the email “Chimp Answers Marketing” to make our lives easier.

If you fit the bill, we’ll be in touch with a little practical exercise to see what you’re made of. After that, a brief telephone chat will be followed by a final interview with the business owner.


We’re excited to find our next Chimp Champ… could it be you?