Emily Ryan

Mailchimp PRO Partner + Email Designer/Strategist, Co-Founder at Westfield Creative, Mother

Emily is the Founder of Westfield Creative, a full-service Mailchimp email marketing agency. We also do WordPress and Webflow websites.

Emily is passionate about helping brands and small businesses grow online via email marketing — from designing beautiful Mailchimp campaigns to teaching clients how to create a great welcome sequence,

Emily is obsessed with how the power of one email campaign or even one abandoned cart email can grow your business. Emily worked for over 10 years as a Project Coordinator and Executive Assistant for startups and in finance in NYC before founding her own email agency. She also comes from a creative background in the performing arts (a former singer/dancer), graphic design, and blogging/social media.

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Session – Friday, October 8th, 2pm EST

How To Design/Create Better Mailchimp Emails

Want better-looking Mailchimp emails but don’t have the time? This session is for you! In this session, Emily Ryan, a Mailchimp Pro Partner whose agency focuses heavily on designing beautiful emails, will dive into what makes a great email design and how you can design better emails (quickly) in Mailchimp. She will share lots of useful tips and tricks on everything from spacing, images, layouts, buttons, colors that convert, and much more! She will also cover where you can get inspiration for your email designs. Emails should be fun and easy to create – not a headache!