David Sandel

Founder of Low Gravity Solutions

I was an Electrical Engineer for 9 years, transitioned into a freelance writer for the outdoor, action sport, and travel industries, and now own and operate Low Gravity Solutions LLC, a full-service digital marketing agency, from the mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees.

I started Low Gravity Solutions in 2014 because I noticed a huge gap in most marketing systems being used by entrepreneurs and small business owners (if they were using any at all), and there still is. Entrepreneurs have a habit of developing marketing systems in silos instead of an interconnected web and have no way of tracking performance, much less across their entire digital footprint.

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Thursday, October 7th, 9am EST

Email Marketing and Where It Fits in Your Overall Marketing Plan

Learn where email marketing fits into your overall business marketing plan. How and when do you use email marketing, PPC, or social media and how do they fit in with your website? David will walk you through how to weave a beautiful tapestry of digital marketing to boost your business and your website.