October 7 & 8

Join us for the very first global conference created by Mailchimp Partners and power users for Mailchimp users.




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Chimposium is October 7 & 8, 2021

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Getting Your First 100 Subscribers

Friday, October 8th, 10am EST Sequoia Mulgrave Small Business Owner at Dailymode Studio Through my experience, I’ve found that creating solutions through automated tools and authentic marketing can hugely increase business profitability and save time. My mission is to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to lead greater authentic businesses and communities. Since 2012…


Deliverability Q&A and Surveys & Segmentation

Thursday, October 7th, 12pm EST Deliverability Q&ARobin Adams and Mailchimp Friday, October 8th, 1pm EST Surveys & SegmentationRobin Adams and Trevor Wolfe Robin Adams Chief Chimp at Chimp Answers and Faciliator of the Largest Mailchimp Group on Facebook, Chimp Answers, Founder of Chimposium Are you using MailChimp?… Really using it?… or are you just skimming…


Mailchimp Subscription Forms for Websites

Friday, October 8th, 11am EST Should you use your email service provider’s subscription form or should you use the form your builder provides or a 3rd party plugin? Let’s talk about the limitations of these types of forms so you can make an informed decision about what to use. We’ll cover: Mailchimp forms Elementor popups…


Engage New Subscribers with Welcome Emails

Thursday, October 7th, 1pm EST You’ve worked hard to get a new subscriber, but what now? This talk will tell you how to keep them interested with a welcome email or sequence – packed with ideas of what you can offer, timings, and information that will engage and excite your new following. Ideal for all…


Data: A Marketer’s Goldmine. How to effectively manage subscriber data in Mailchimp

Thursday, October 7th, 10am EST Your email marketing efforts are only as good as your list. In this presentation, you will learn how to increase list size with quality subscribers, reduce churn, manage your subscribers in Mailchimp, and how to segment audiences, and use your data for personalization opportunities. Adam Q Holden-Bache Director of Email…


Turn Subscribers into RETURNING Customers with Compelling E-commerce Email

Thursday, October 7th, 2pm EST Let’s dive into how to create revenue-building and relationship-building emails that power your business growth! During this talk, we’ll discuss the ways brands can create effective email sequences (welcome, abandoned cart, and post-purchase) by using a strategy that puts your customers first. You’ll also come away with tips and techniques that will help…


How To Design/Create Better Mailchimp Emails

Friday, October 8th, 2pm EST Want better-looking Mailchimp emails but don’t have the time? This session is for you! In this session, Emily Ryan, a Mailchimp Pro Partner whose agency focuses heavily on designing beautiful emails, will dive into what makes a great email design and how you can design better emails (quickly) in Mailchimp.…


Tactical Email Planning – Planning for Success: A Roadmap for your Mailchimp Campaign

Friday, October 8th, 9am EST Great email marketing doesn’t happen by accident. To build a really successful campaign you need to plan ahead and execute your program with accuracy. As a professional digital marketer for over 20 years, MaryAnn has designed email programs for businesses and nonprofit organizations to build brand awareness, drive engagement and…


Automate your Mailchimp

Thursday, October 7th, 11am EST Send the right message to the right people at the right time: this is the promise of Email automation, and you can get more: smoothly update your audience data, tap on people’s interest to deliver relevant content, nurture your customers and bring them back to purchase. Let’s see how to…


Emailution: iOS 15 & Beyond

Friday, October 8th, 3pm EST With iOS 14.5 Apple’s new privacy features had a dramatic impact on Ads. Businesses soon realised they could no longer largely rely on rented space on someone else’s platform. Apple iOS 15 will introduce privacy features that will both change the way you market via email to your customers but…


Copy That: Writing Emails that Resonate

Thursday, October 7th, 3pm EST Compelling emails might be visually stunning. They may be strategically structured. For certain — they’re made of solid copy. In this session, see why effective writing is not about length or perfection, and learn actionable steps for crafting your message with clarity, confidence, and impact. Founder of Fruition Studio Paige Slaughter, the founder of…


Email Marketing and Where It Fits in Your Overall Marketing Plan

Learn where email marketing fits into your overall business marketing plan. How and when do you use email marketing, PPC, or social media and how do they fit in with your website? David will walk you through how to weave a beautiful tapestry of digital marketing to boost your business and your website. David Sandel…


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With topics ranging from personalization and segmentation, deliverability, to the future of email marketing, and everything in between, Chimposium gives you the inside track to dominate with Mailchimp.

Chimposium is the very first global conference focused solely on Mailchimp created by Mailchimp Partners and power users for Mailchimp users.

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