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More than 18 hours of Premium Mailchimp & Email Marketing Content

The Ultimate collection of Mailchimp Training & Best Practice Videos

Everything you wanted to know about making the most of Mailchimp

Delivered by the top Mailchimp Experts in the World

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Chimposium was the first ever Mailchimp event created by Mailchimp Experts for Mailchimp users

...and now you can get access to every session - over 18 hours of content.

On October 7th & 8th, 15 different Mailchimp experts got together to deliver the most comprehensive set of Mailchimp advice that has ever been pulled together.

Across 16 different sessions and for nearly 20 hours, they covered everything you need to know about being successful in Mailchimp.

Here's a list of each of the sessions included in the recordings...

✅   Where Email fits in your overall Plan with David Sandel

✅   Email Marketing Planning with MaryAnn Pfeiffer

✅   Effective Data Management with Adam Holden-Bache

✅   How to get your first 100 subscribers with Sequoia Mulgrave

✅   Using Automations with Alessandra Farabegoli

✅   Mailchimp Subscription forms for your website with Amy Hall

✅   Creating a great Welcome Email with Lindsey Carroll

✅   Email Design with Emily Ryan

✅   Hitting the Inbox with Robin Adams & Matthew Grove

✅   Surveys & Segmentation with Trevor Wolfe

✅   Effective E-commerce Emails with Vicky Smith

✅   Writing great email copy with Paige Slaiughter

✅   The future of email with Simon Harper

✅   Mailchimp Best Practices - A Panel Session

✅   The future of email - A Panel Session

✅   Using Bee Pro to design Great Emails

✅   Mailchimp Foundations Training with Robin Adams

✅   Mailchimp Agency Roundtable with Robin Adams, Emily Ryan, Adam Holden-Bache & MaryAnn Pfeiffer

Each session contains an hour of incredible insights into Mailchimp, delivered by Partners & Experts who get the most from Mailchimp every single day.

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The Complete Recordings

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  • Over 18 hours of premium Mailchimp Content
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    Access to the Complete Set of Chimposium Recordings

Chimposium is the very first global conference focused solely on Mailchimp created by Mailchimp Partners for Mailchimp users.

Every presenter is a recognized Mailchimp Partner that uses Mailchimp every day.

They have been hand-picked, and each topic is specially curated to complement or build on the others.

Mailchimp has 12 million users, WORLDWIDE!