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The Live Recordings

The Chimposium recordings are over 18 hours of premium Mailchimp related content.

12 presentations and 4 Bonus Sessions on everything you need to know to win at Mailchimp & Email Marketing

Chimposium was the first ever Mailchimp event created by Mailchimp Experts for Mailchimp users

...and now you can get access to a full set of the event recordings

On October 7th & 8th, 15 different Mailchimp experts got together to deliver the most comprehensive set of Mailchimp advice that has ever been pulled together.

Across 16 different sessions and for nearly 20 hours, they covered everything you need to know about being successful in Mailchimp.

✅   How to set up your Mailchimp Account with a solid foundation

✅   How to get your first 100 subscribers (and more)

✅   How to ensure your emails hit the inbox every time

✅   How to plan your marketing and email marketing activity

✅   How to design and write effective emails

✅   How to manage your data, set up automations and surveys

✅   How to write welcome emails and e-commerce emails

...and much much more!!!

Also including a valuable insight into the implications of IOS15 on email moving forward and 3 panel sessions covering, email best practices, the future of email and a special "agency focused" roundtable.

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This will be the only chance to purchase recordings in this year

.. and the sale will end on November 30th 2021

Chimposium is the very first global conference focused solely on Mailchimp created by Mailchimp Partners for Mailchimp users.

Every presenter is a recognized Mailchimp Partner that uses Mailchimp every day.

They have been hand-picked, and each topic is specially curated to complement or build on the others.

Mailchimp has 12 million users, WORLDWIDE!