Lindsey Carroll

Engage New Subscribers with Welcome Emails

CMktr at Outbox Ltd Lindsey, the owner of Outbox Ltd, is a Chartered Marketer specialising in WordPress websites and Mailchimp e-newsletters. She is a Mailchimp Pro Partner, holding all Mailchimp certifications, and a Chartered Institute of Marketing member. In addition to her digital skills, Lindsey has fifteen years’ experience with John Lewis Plc in central buying,…

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Robin Adams

Deliverability Q&A and Surveys & Segmentation

Chief Chimp at Chimp Answers and Faciliator of the Largest Mailchimp Group on Facebook, Chimp Answers, Founder of Chimposium Are you using MailChimp?… Really using it?… or are you just skimming the surface and have no real idea of the type of things you can do? …is your list structured to maximise your returns?…are you…

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Emily Ryan

How To Design/Create Better Mailchimp Emails Friday, October 8th, 2pm EST

Mailchimp PRO Partner + Email Designer/Strategist, Co-Founder at Westfield Creative, Mother Emily is the Founder of Westfield Creative, a full-service Mailchimp email marketing agency. We also do WordPress and Webflow websites. Emily is passionate about helping brands and small businesses grow online via email marketing — from designing beautiful Mailchimp campaigns to teaching clients how…

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David Sandel

Email Marketing and Where It Fits in Your Overall Marketing Plan with David Sandal

Founder of Low Gravity Solutions I was an Electrical Engineer for 9 years, transitioned into a freelance writer for the outdoor, action sport, and travel industries, and now own and operate Low Gravity Solutions LLC, a full-service digital marketing agency, from the mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees. I started Low Gravity Solutions in 2014 because…

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MaryAnn Pfeiffer

Tactical Email Planning – Planning for Success: A Roadmap for your Mailchimp Campaign

Mailchimp Pro Partner and Founder of 108 Degrees Digital Marketing 108 Degrees Digital Marketing is a New Hampshire-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SMB and nonprofit clients. In addition to her strategic work with clients, she also coordinates a team of creatives, software engineers, writers, and project managers on each assignment to ensure successful…

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Simon Harper

Emailution: iOS 15 & Beyond Edit Friday, October 8th, 3pm EST

Freelance eCommerce & WordPress Website Designer, Mailchimp Partner & Technical SEO geek Hi, I’m Simon! Freelance eCommerce & WordPress Website Designer, Mailchimp Partner & Technical SEO geek. With over 20 years of industry experience in website design and over 10 years of industry experience in email marketing. I primarily build websites with WordPress & WooCommerce but…

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Alessandra Farabegoli

Automate your Mailchimp

Email Marketing & Mailchimp PRO Partner, Digital Strategist, co-founder di Digital Update e del Freelancecamp Email Marketing expert, Mailchimp Pro Partner, and digital strategist, Alessandra Farabegoli has been working in digital marketing for more than 20 years, helping companies and professionals to get the most from their digital assets. Author of many books on email…

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Adam Q Holden-Bache

Adam Q Holden-Bache

Director of Email Marketing at Enventys Partners, Author of How to Win at B2B Email Marketing I am Director of Email Marketing at Enventys Partners, where we bring products to market. I direct the email campaigns for e-commerce marketing and crowdfunding projects. I also provide email marketing services to Email Industries, a full-service email marketing…

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Amy Hall

Mailchimp Subscription Forms for Websites

Certified Mailchimp Pro Partner and WordPress Support Amy specializes in Mailchimp integration and website subscription forms. For 12 years, Amy has been taking email marketing out of the hands of business owners who are already juggling too many tasks. When it comes to speaking, Amy is a natural. After all, she started the Carlsbad WordPress Meetup.…

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Sequoia Mulgrave

Getting Your First 100 Subscribers

Small Business Owner at Dailymode Studio Through my experience, I’ve found that creating solutions through automated tools and authentic marketing can hugely increase business profitability and save time. My mission is to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to lead greater authentic businesses and communities. Since 2012 I help high-level entrepreneurs and small business…

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