Alessandra Farabegoli

Email Marketing & Mailchimp PRO Partner, Digital Strategist, co-founder di Digital Update e del Freelancecamp

Email Marketing expert, Mailchimp Pro Partner, and digital strategist, Alessandra Farabegoli has been working in digital marketing for more than 20 years, helping companies and professionals to get the most from their digital assets. Author of many books on email marketing and marketing in a digital world, speaker, and trainer, she is the co-founder of Digital Update, a ground-breaking digital training project, and of Freelancecamp, the community of Italian freelancers.

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Thursday, Oct 7th 11am EST

Automate your Mailchimp

Send the right message to the right people at the right time: this is the promise of Email automation, and you can get more: smoothly update your audience data, tap on people’s interest to deliver relevant content, nurture your customers and bring them back to purchase. Let’s see how to use Mailchimp Classic Automations and the new Customer Journeys to empower your marketing.