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Why a 5 Day Customer Avatar Course?

Whenever I meet someone for the first time who wants me to help them with either their Mailchimp account, email marketing or Marketing in general (or all 3!), one of the first questions I ask is who’s their primary target market, and can they describe their Customer Avatar.

Some do, but many don’t… and I realised that even though lots of clever business people know about Customer Avatars, and also know how important they are to their marketing efforts – they’ve not gone through the process of actually building one.

Which is why I’m hoping this course will help them realise that it’s not that difficult and that is something that can really help in their marketing communications.

Creating an Avatar is the first step in my Kickstart Your Marketing System online course, a 6 week in-depth mentored training course showing how to build an effective marketing system, and how to practically put it all together in Mailchimp.

It’s a core element to my marketing and as such, something I fundamentally believe everyone should be able to do regularly.

…and I hope this 5 day course helps you understand it too!


Robin Adams – Marketer

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