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Attention All Mailchimpers, it’s time for a Zombie Hunt!

Improve your inbox hit rate & stop wasting money…

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You are paying more than you need to for Mailchimp… and you’re also reducing your ability to hit the inbox.

Every Mailchimp audience has some contacts – Zombies – that can be cleansed, to reduce your costs and improve deliverability.

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Every single business that uses Mailchimp to market their business will have email addresses that are at best costing them money, and at worst killing their deliverability. The 5 day audience cleanse is the perfect way to understand who these Zombies are… and what you need to do either kill or cure them.

It doesn’t matter if you pay for Mailchimp or are on a free account, minimising your Zombies on a regular basis is essential

Robin Adams

The Mailchimp Guy, Chimp Answers

A Dirty Chimp is a Bad Chimp

One of the most important things that you can do on a regular basis is to make sure your Mailchimp audience is clean.

A dirty list means that you’re paying for subscribers or contacts (aka the Zombies) that aren’t interested or engaged in your content.

A dirty list means that the people you do send emails to are less likely to get it in their inbox.

Regularly cleaning your audience of Zombies in Mailchimp will save you money and improve your email effectiveness. 

How we’re going to kill, cure or quarantine those Zombies in your audience

There are a set number of steps that you need to go through to clean up your audiences, and over a 5 day period I’ll guide you through each of them to ensure your emails have a higher chance of delivery AND you’re saving money.

What you get:

  • A daily email linked to a video which covers the topic of the day and shows how you can do it yourself with a screen capture.
  • Access to a special Facebook group purely set up to support the challenge where you can ask questions and share your results with the others.
  • Permanent access to the mini-course where all the videos are stored, so you can run through your cleansing activity again and again.

At the end of the week, you’ll have removed anyone who you don’t need in your audience… and also identified those Zombies who aren’t engaged in your content, and know how to handle them.

Every single Mailchimp user will have Zombies in their audience…

and every time you send them an email they aren’t engaged in, they’re costing you money and impacting deliverability elsewhere.

The Action Plan

How to spot and deal with the Zombies in your audience 


Over the 5 days, we’ll be looking at the steps you need to take to spot the Zombies, and the ones already dead and what to do with them.

We’ll also be developing a “Zombie survival kit” which you can use to help Zombies to cure themselves, or put themselves out of their misery… and we’ll be launching it into your audience.

Here’s the daily plan of what we’ll be doing….

Day One – Wipe the slate clean
The first action is for those who have a new Mailchimp account (since June 2019) and is to understand how Mailchimp charges, and how you need to regularly get rid of those in your audience who are already ‘dead’.

Day Two – Spotting the Zombies
Now we’ve got rid of the dead, we need to focus on the Zombies, the ones who appear not to engage with any of your content.

Day Three – Part One of Building your Zombie Survival Kit 
Knowing someone could be a Zombie is one thing… but knowing whether they can be cured, quarantined or killed off is another. You get to build a way of giving them the option… and the first thing is to plan it and build the first steps.

Day Four – Part Two of Building your Zombie Survival Kit
OK… so we need to finish of the Zombie survival kit so that people are automatically cured (and continue to want to get your emails) or are automatically terminated (and are removed from your audience, in a painless manner).

Day Five – Launching your Zombie Survival Kit
OK, we know who could be zombies… and we’ve now got a way of automatically killing or curing. Time to put it out into the world… and understand what to do with those who don’t tell us what they want and whether you should quarantine them.

Robin is a man of his word. He promised an in depth hands on course and he delivered. Packed full of actionable detail its just the thing if you want to run automated campaigns using Mailchimp.

John Orr

Owner, Costume Hire Direct

It was great to deal with someone who not only understood the Mailchimp side of things but who also was in tune with what I wanted to achieve and who was on the same wavelength as me with regards to the needs of my business.

Angela Croall

Owner, Angels Locks

Your Expert Guide

OK... so why should you trust me on this (and I appreciate that it's key you do if you're going to get the results you need!)

My name is Robin Adams, and I'm the cheeky "thumbs-aloft" guy in the picture.

Cheesy right?

I know, but I kinda like it and if you ask those who know me, the image is pretty appropriate - positive, upbeat and passionate about what I do.

I've been involved in marketing my entire adult life (I got a marketing degree back when there weren't many places that actually did marketing degrees!) and since then I've worked in companies big and small, both agency and corporate, developing my marketing chops (and a learning a bit of sales too!). I've now racked up over 25 years experience.

Back in 2009, I started my own marketing agency, and since then have helped small businesses get to grips with their Marketing, both from a strategy point of view but also from an actual technical implementation view.

I'm fortunate to be the perfect blend of "Marketeer" and "Geek", and as such can not just look at things from a top-level strategic point of view, but have the skills and experience to actually implement a lot of what I talk about - which is a pretty unique combo nowadays.

So what about Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is something I've used since 2009 and over the years, being a bit geeky, I've really gotten under it's skin to learn as much as you can about it.

In late 2015, I realised that there was an opportunity to niche what i do down specifically into Mailchimp, offering support to businesses and individuals to help them get the more from it.

I started running training courses as well as handling a number of clients Mailchimp accounts, and then, in spring 2016, launched Mailchimp Answers as a group on Facebook, to build a community of users who could help others who were struggling with Mailchimp.  Since then, the group has steadily grown and now has over 9,000 members - it's the worlds largest community of Mailchimp users!

Mailchimp Partner Logo

My understanding and knowledge of Mailchimp continues to grow and in early 2019 I became a Mailchimp partner and am listed in the Mailchimp expert directory.  Mailchimp don't let just anyone become a Mailchimp partner - only about 30% of applications succeed - so I was especially happy to get in! I've also completed their certification course too!

Something else you should know about me...

One other thing you should know about me is that I'm a fully qualified Scuba Diving instructor, with nearly 1,000 dives to my name!

I qualified as an instructor in 2004, and even though I'm 'retired' now, I've taught hundreds of people to dive and overcome their fears of putting their head underwater.

...but what's this got to do the Mailchimp you may be asking?

Well, it's given me a pretty useful structured approach to teaching... and bags of patience.

Trust me when I say that after you've tried (and succeeded) in convincing someone who's actually afraid of water to put their head under the surface and continue to breathe through their scuba equipment...

...teaching people how to be effective at Marketing and to use Mailchimp isn't that big of an issue!

So there you have it...

I'm genuinely passionate about helping people get the most from their Marketing & Mailchimp and it frustrates me to no-end when I see a business not taking advantage of an effective marketing strategy to help grow their business.


Frequently asked questions about our activity?

Yep… there are always questions – I’ll put the key ones here and if you’ve got one that isn’t covered – why not drop me a direct line and I’ll do my best to answer!


How long do I have access to the videos?

Access to the videos is permanent… you sign up once and you’ll always have access to the so you can refer back whenever you need

Will the videos be updated?

Mailchimp is constantly evolving, which is why the videos will be constantly updated to ensure they stay relevant to the system

How much does it cost?

The basic cost to get access to the videos is £0!… FREE, Nada, Nothing…

No answer to your own question? Ask us directly...

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