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Solopreneur 121 Mentoring

Being a solopreneur is hard. Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction and ensure you get the right things done

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Virtual Marketing Director

Struggling knowing what do do next? Using a Virtual Marketing Director will give you the support and knowledge you need

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Need someone to just ‘get it done’? We see the bigger picture, but as ‘experts’ we can get our hands dirty and actually implement the stuff you need done

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You are fabulous at what you do!

You’re building an amazing business.

Your customers love you and you’re great at delivering a superb service/product to them.

…but you know there’s a bigger potential out there for you to grow the business further – you realise that to achieve your full ambitions you can’t just operate on recommendation and referral… it’ll only get you so far.

You need to effectively market your business… and so you read a book or two. You attend a seminar and maybe watch some Youtube videos and then you start ‘marketing’.

The problem is that you’re not really sure what you are doing and how it all fits together, and so you start spending more and more time trying to get it right.

…and when you do this, you take your eye off the ball and your service level drops – you can’t be in two places at once can you?

…plus you’re struggling actually getting your marketing to work. 

You may hire a new staff member to handle it for you… or get an agency in to help on your website.

…but you’re still not sure how to get your marketing to work effectively.

…and the business still needs your 100% focus. 

Why are YOU doing the marketing?

One of the biggest challenges in any business is the realisation that as the business owner, you shouldn’t be doing everything. 

It’s an impossibility.  You can’t be in seven different places at the same time and expect the business to continue to run smoothly.

…and in many instances, you’re not the best person to be actually doing it.  There are experts out there who can do that aspect of the job much better than you, and in a fraction of the time that you spend on it – and when it comes to marketing, it’s no different from anything else.

They know the in’s and out’s and have been doing it a while, in some instances, their entire life.

They can save you time and money, put the business on the right path, and ensure you are doing the right thing (at the right cost).

Consider how much time you’ve spent on your marketing… and the costs associated.

Is this a valuable use of your most precious commodities?… or is it time to ask for help?

There’s no shame in asking for help

Finding and hiring the right support is ALWAYS a good thing… especially when it comes to the diverse and continually changing area of marketing.

Although we believe that as a business owner, marketing is not something you should pass off 100% to someone and in fact is something that you should have at least some involvement in – getting the right support to help plan, strategise and implement is an absolute must. 

The question you should ask yourself is what type of help do you need?

  • Are you a sole trader who just wants someone to point you in the right direction and help you know what you should be doing?
  • Are you a business that needs a bit more support and involvement. Potentially helping handle internal staff and external agencies, as well as getting into implementation when needed?
  • Do you need someone to help with your email and specifically support Mailchimp activities?
  • Or maybe you’re actually pretty clear on what you should be doing… you just need the confidence to give it to someone to get it done?

Whatever you’re looking for, Chimp Answers has the (excuse the pun) answer. Whether it’s a regular mentoring call, ongoing support work as a Virtual Marketing Director, a registered Mailchimp expert and partner, or someone who can just get it done and implement your ideas.

How does it work?

If you think that you fall into any of the categories above, all you need to do is book a FREE introductory 30 minute chat – the perfect way for us to get you know a bit more and the area we can help with, but also an opportunity for you to check us out too.

Your session will be conducted directly with Robin Adams, a marketer with over 25 years experience helping businesses grow through effective marketing activity.

With an actual marketing degree (back when there weren’t that many places to get one) and an MBA, Robin has the experience and background to see the bigger picture and how everything can fit together.

…but unlike other strategic marketers, who live with their head in the clouds, Robin is more than happy to get his hands dirty and relishes the fact that he’s “51% marketer, 49% geek“. In fact, he’s pretty much done most things marketing in his career…

  • Email Campaigns & Mailchimp (Recognised Mailchimp Partner and Expert) ✅
  • Websites built, SEO strategies implemented ✅
  • Video Production & Marketing ✅
  • Social Media Planning & Implementation ✅
  • Pay Per Click Advertising on Facebook & Google ✅
  • Chatbot set up & implementation ✅
  • Direct Mail and traditional advertising (it’s not all digital!) ✅
  • Lots of other digital and non-digital activities ✅

A chat with Robin means not only do you get an understanding of the bigger picture… but the nitty gritty detail that you need in place to get you there.

Alternatively, if you want to check out our different types of support, you can learn about our mentoring support, Virtual Marketing Director and Implementation options.

Challenge Us!

If you want someone to help you with your Marketing, whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, a resource to tap into or even someone to do it for you, don’t be shy.

“A Unique Combination of skills...”

I came to Robin as he was the go-to guy when it comes to MailChimp… little did I know that MailChimp was just the first step and his understanding of the bigger picture and the customer path was an area that he’s really been able to help with.

I achieved my first ever 5 figure month working with Robin and we’re continuing to develop my overall marketing strategy. Robin’s strategic insight coupled with the ability to get his hands dirty in systems is a unique combination of skills and ensures that those who work with him not only get an insightful overview, but practical, implementable advice.

Shirley Goodgroves

Founder, Two Birds London

"...they do what they say they're going to do in a timely and jargon free way"

We originally used Chimp Answers to replace an old email system which was costing us a lot of money.  We wanted to ensure GDPR compliance and also clean our mailing list but struggled to get the opt out/in process working properly ourselves so were happy to hand it over to the experts.

We slashed our mailing list by 90% but increased our open rates from 15-20% to 40-50% and improved our click through rate as well.

Chimp Answers are cost effective, fun to work with and their experience goes beyond the technicalities of Mailchimp and into the depths of how and why to engage with your target market.  It's saved us time and money in the long run.

Alix Reeves

Marketing Manager, Hotel Chain

What Happens Next?

If you want to get your marketing working in the right direction (and not holding you back and wasting time and money you don’t have…), then book a FREE 30 minute introductory call where you can get a feel for how we could help you.

Services Available

Whether you’re looking for guidance and support or someone to do it all for you, there’s a solution for you.

Solopreneur 121 Mentoring

Being a solopreneur is hard. Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction

Ideal for sole traders and solo-preneurs looking for a helping hand and guidance on their marketing

Virtual Marketing Director

Struggling knowing what’s next? Using a Virtual Marketing Director will give you the support and knowledge you need

Ideal for businesses with internal marketers and/or external agencies who need help managing them (and some direction too!)


Need someone to just ‘get it done’? We see the bigger picture, but unlike some ‘experts’ we can get our hands dirty too

Ideal for marketers and businesses who just want to get things done!

Challenge Us!

If you want someone to help you with your Marketing, whether it’s a shoulder to lean on, a resource to tap into or even someone to do it for you, don’t be shy – book a FREE 30 minute introductory chat.

Why Work With Us? What Makes Us Different?


25+ Years. Client side, Agency, B2B, B2C, Online, Offline.

Strategic Focus

Understanding overall strategy and direction at a high level

Well Loved

Practical Skills

Happy to get hands dirty doing the stuff that needs to be done

Results Focused

Focused on tracking and getting the right results

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Marketing Mentoring & Support

Advice and guidance on what you really need to be doing with your marketing (and what not to do)

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Virtual Marketing Director

In-depth support for businesses to plan and implement effective marketing

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Marketing Implementation

Stop talking and start doing. Support to get your marketing actually done right for you

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Mailchimp Done for You

Mailchimp’s not that hard… but if you need someone to get it done for you, look no further

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