Supercharge your MailChimp

Build an automated marketing system with MailChimp

Manually sending emails is a complete pain

…and yet it’s something we all do.  Surely, there’s a way to automate much of your marketing communication?
Building a system pumps out relevant, targeted communication to emails…
whilst you concentrate on the important stuff in your business.

MailChimp can automate your email marketing

MailChimp is a very powerful automation tool that once understood can revolutionise your marketing

The Supercharge your MailChimp training course will give you the power to automate.

The Supercharge your MailChimp training course is a comprehensive day to get your ‘automation’ ready.

During the course you will:
  • Learn how to structure your MailChimp database so that you know it’ll work with automation.
  • Discover the importance of form structure and how to harness the power of forms for your business.
  • Get to grips with MailChimp automation, how it works… and how it can work for you.
  • Develop advanced email design skills so that the emails you send are relevant, targeted and user friendly.
…but it’s not just about learning about email marketing automation… it’s about implementation too.
During the course you will be using MailChimp to
  • Design and build your database to make it email automation friendly
  • Build and publish forms that can integrate directly with MailChimp
  • Set up automations based on a variety of different triggers, including date based and field change.
  • Set up a variable email template to communicate to different messages within the same email

 A comprehensive day to get your email marketing automated

Is this workshop for you?

This course is ideal if you are one of the following:
  • If you’ve just used MailChimp to send newsletters and adhoc campaigns.
  • If you know that MailChimp has much more to offer, but don’t know how to do it.
  • If you want to put your email marketing on auto-pilot.
  • If you want to know the best way to set up MailChimp to make sure your automation works seamlessly.

Robin is a man of his word. He promised an in depth hands on course and he delivered. Packed full of actionable detail its just the thing if you want to run automated campaigns using Mailchimp.

John Orr

Owner, Costume Hire Direct

We guarantee that following this course, you’ll have all you need to build an automated email marketing system for your business

Interested in our training?

You can either drop us a line directly or request more information to be emailed to you.  Just click a button below

If you are using MailChimp to simply send emails you are missing a trick, so I highly recommend attending Advanced MailChimp Training, Robin will show you how to take your email marketing to the next level. Chances are your competitors are not doing this, so you should be!

Nicola MacDonald

Owner, Attractive Marketing

Your instructor for the day

Robin Adams

Robin Adams

The Chimp Champ

The instructor for this course is Robin Adams, a career marketer who has worked at the sharp end of both massive global companies and small independent traders. With over 20 years marketing experience and an MBA, his unique combination of technical adeptness and marketing know-how ensures you get not only the skills but the bigger picture of how it all fits together.

Over the last 5 years, Robin has become very intimate with the MailChimp software and knows the best way to get the most from this accessible yet powerful system.

In fact – unlike many trainers out there.. ROBIN ONLY USES MAILCHIMP for his email marketing – which ensures his knowledge and skills are always cutting edge. Of course, this means all the courses are up to date and relevant with the latest developments.

He’s also run courses for Entrepreneurs Circle and Southern Entrepreneurs on MailChimp… so he knows his stuff!

You’ll leave with not only an understanding of how to use the system the right way, but with the tricks and shortcuts that will make your email marketing much more efficient and effective.

Course Details – Supercharge your MailChimp

The course is a full day course, kicking off at 9am and finishing around 5pm.  It is fully catered for with refreshments throughout the day and a 30/45 minute lunch break. All our locations are of a very high standard so that you ensure that you have the best environment and atmosphere for learning.

The investment for attending the course is £299 (no VAT) and you will get a full copy of the presentation in USB stick to refer to afterwards.

We limit the number of attendees of any Supercharge Course to a maximum of 6.  Any more and candidates would not get the focus that they deserve on their own issues.

As the course is a “practical” course, having access to and bringing a laptop is essential to get the most from it. If you do not have access to one, we are able to source laptops to use on the course at a small additional cost. iPads & tablets are not suitable for the training (and we’ve tried using them so we know they don’t work!)

Course pre-qualifications: As this is a more advanced course then the introductory ‘Kickstart’ course, attendees must have used MailChimp regularly and understand the basics of navigation around the tool.  No prior knowledge of automation is necessary, but you will need to ideally have a list and have sent standard campaigns regularly to the list.

Once you’ve booked on to  the course, you’ll receive full joining instructions and anything else you need to know prior to the day (sent out via MailChimp of course!)

Typical Course Agenda (Subject to change)

9.00am Arrive & Coffee
9.30am Introduction
9.45am Supercharging your MailChimp – Step 1: Using Lists, Groups & Fields effectively


In this section, the focus is on database structure and how important it is.  You’ll cover, lists, groups and fields, the differences and when to use each, how they impact your plans and then go through a practical exercise using MailChimp.

11.00am Supercharging your MailChimp – Step 2: Point of Entry & Forms


Forms are easily the most important aspect of automation and data capture and in this section, you’ll cover the different types of form, how to use them, review the merits of double vs single opt in and then go through the process of creating forms and linking to MailChimp using a 3rd party tool

12.45pm Lunch
1.15pm Supercharging your MailChimp – Step 3: Automation


Automations make the world go around, especially your marketing.  You’ll cover the different types of automation, when to use each, cover the most important automated email – the welcome email and then do a practical exercise of creating an automation

2.45pm Supercharging your MailChimp – Step 4: Advanced Email Design


You won’t get dragged into the actual design of emails here (this isn’t a graphic design course!!!), but you will understand how to ensure that what is displayed in the email is what your recipients want to see, as well as how to make their lives easier when it comes to completing forms

4.15pm Wrapping Up & Conclusions – next steps
4.30pm Questions
5.00pm End

I have used MailChimp for many years, but have always been conscious I'm not making the most of a lot of functionality. I found the Advanced Course hugely helpful. It was very well paced and there was lots of great content.

If you're already a MailChimp user, this training really takes you to the next level. It shows you what is possible, so you'll have all the tools, and it is just your imagination that hinders you!

I'd be very happy to recommend Robin and this course.

Nicky Parker

Owner, Bang Consulting

Supercharge your MailChimp – Use MailChimp to build a marketing system

The advanced mailchimp course is fantastic! From the pre-course materials right through to the after support - it'll be one of the most productive ways to spend a day away from your business!

The course takes you through the complications of mailchimp step by step and Robin is extremely patient in ensuring that every one understands each step before moving on.

A great day, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Charlotte Quatrine

Graduate Marketing Executive, The Office Genie