Mailchimp 'Solutions'

Specific Products to Solve Specific Problems

I Know… “Solutions” isn’t the best word out there

It’s a little bit “broad”… but I figure it’s as good as any for the information here.

These ‘solutions’ are packaged up products you can buy which will solve specific problems that every Mailchimp faces, such as how to make the most of live events, or how to consolidate lots of audiences into one.

Some of the solutions will be “training” where you get access to video resources to learn how to do things yourself… and some of them will be working directly with the chimps here at Chimp Answers.

…so whatever “solution” you need… we’ve got you covered (and if we haven’t let us know and we’ll develop one just for you!)

Current Solutions

Mailchimp Audiences

Why you should only ever have one Audience in Mailchimp…