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Account Settings

Understanding Audiences

Adding Emails to the System

Sending Emails to your List

Get your copy of the 2 hour Mailchimp Foundations training session today.

Following popular demand, we’re making available a copy of the 2 hour Mailchimp Foundations training course for you to review at your own pace.

This is only available for those who attended a live training session – those who did not attend will not be able to purchase a copy.

So if you struggled to take in everything covered over the 2 hour session and want to make sure you can watch along at your own pace, stop and review important sections, at get the most out of the session, you can now purchase your own copy.

Get your recording of the 2 hour Mailchimp Foundations training course for just $9.

Chimp Answers

Mailchimp Foundations (Video)

Chimp Answers - Mailchimp Foundations (Video)

n.b. this may not be a direct recording of the specific foundations session you attended.

Robin Adams (Head Chimp) and everyone at Chimp Answers

Session Recap

Here’s a quick recap of everything covered in the Mailchimp Foundations training course

Whistlestop Mailchimp Tour

A quick fly around Mailchimp so you understand the basics of Mailchimp and how to navigate around.

How Mailchimp Stores Data

An introduction to some of the key terms you need to know relating to storing emails and other information in Mailchimp, along with some best practice advice on the best way to set up your database.

Getting your information into Mailchimp

Just because you know where to store the information doesn’t mean it magically appears there.  You need to know the different ways of adding data to Mailchimp, and the best way to start.

Learning the Mailchimp "System"

Mailchimp does a lot of the heavy lifting for you… but if you don’t know this, things can get a bit confusing… Which is why learning what Mailchimp provides, and the best way to use it is really important.

Sending Campaigns

Mailchimp is there to send emails amongst other things… but sometimes if you’re not used to it, knowing how to send campaigns isn’t as clear as you’d like… so we’ll show you how.

Mailchimp Do's & Don't's

The Session will finish off with some do’s and don’t’s of Mailchimp – covering things like GDPR and Consent, Email Design Tips and how to give yourself the best chance to hit the inbox.

If you’re not sure where to start,

or worried you’ve got off on the wrong foot,

this 2 hour session will give you everything you need to start doing Mailchimp the right way 

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