Social Media & Email Marketing Support: Chimposium

Freelance/Contractor (2-3 hours per week) 

In a nutshell…

Help us promote and grow the Chimposium brand through social media and email marketing through content provided by the Chimposium Partners.

2021 was a banner year for Chimp Answers and saw us develop and launch a ‘first of it’s kind event’ in the Mailchimp arena.

Chimposium was the first ever event created by Mailchimp experts for Mailchimp users and saw 14 experts deliver in an online event, over 18 hours of content spread over 2 jam packed days.

…and we’re looking for the event to bigger and better in 2022 – so we need your help!

We’re looking for someone to come and help us in an ongoing basis to build the presence and brand via social media and email marketing (via Mailchimp, of course!) focusing on content and knowledge provided by the Mailchimp partners involved.

We’re open to any ideas you’ve got of taking things forward and increasing our presence, but as it stands here’s the key things that we want help with:

Initial Set-up Tasks

  • Take ownership of existing Chimposium Brand Assets (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Work with Canva and existing Chimposium brand materials to create “templates” for future social media activity
  • Develop with business owner a base template within Mailchimp for email communication and understand the existing audience set up.
  • Launch email to all Chimposium Partners (CPs) explaining the approach and their involvement.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Regularly check CPs content, website, social for new content that can be shared
  • Directly contact to see if additional information, news, events can be promoted
  • Create a “content” google sheet with links for each piece of external content
  • Use content to develop regular scheduled social media posts for all existing channels (using Canva for graphics)
  • Share content in existing channels and/or link marketing team in to broaden reach through other channels
  • Track basic metrics for social media and email list and report back to business owner

Fortnightly Tasks

  • Use this content as the basis for an email newsletter of curated content with small ‘editorial’ section.

Other Tasks

  • Although not part of the initial plan for the work required… there is the opportunity for other elements to be added such as:
    • Creation of other SM channels and distribution (e.g. Twitter, Instagram)
    • Integration with Chimposium Events during 2022

The person we’re looking to support on this will require a “specific set of skills”

  • General organisation skills
  • Liaison with other Chimposium Partners to get content and feedback
  • Copywriting – turn content into social media posts and email links, along with email editorial
  • Canva – use Canva to create ongoing social media visuals (and anything else)

Although the role is very much determined by the work outlined above, initially we estimate it would take about 2-3 hours each week to complete everything. 


If this sounds right up your street, then feel free to drop us a line at and make sure you title the email Chimposium Social Media to make our lives easier.